Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 51

The Golden Years BY RICHARD A. FLOREY Marketing Director EcoVantage Energy, inc. www./ The Big Picture Maybe you’re thinking about adding solar to your home but are stuck on the upfront costs. You’ve decided that, based on your monthly electrical usage, that you need roughly 6000 watts of solar to cover your household properly. You know it’s going to take a bite out of your bank to get this installed, but what you have to keep in mind is that buying solar is in lieu of twenty plus years of electricity. Twenty years of electricity is a lot of money. Our average customer at EcoVantage Solar pays around $130.00 per month in electricity, which is $31,200.00 over that time. Close to what you’ll pay for your 6000 watt system which includes installation, inverters and a little bit of battery backup. The Golden Years Solar backup systems, like the one in our little scenario, are made to last fifty or more years. Now you’re into the golden years of solar ownership. In fact, the average return on investment (ROI) in the United States is between eight to ten years. If you’re in the home you will spend the rest of your days in, the golden years mean extra cash in your pocket, Month after month, year after year. Money to spend on your dreams and on the ones you love. That’s a rate of return you just can’t put a price on. Petroleum pipeline A New Generation There’s something else you need to consider; the children of today are growing up in a time of rapidly developing, world changing technology. They will inherit a world where not having solar backup would just be weird. It’s already happening across the globe as both utilities and individuals can literally harness a star to bring power into their homes. It’s not just a dream; it’s a very happening reality. Where does this leave our wonderful petroleum? Relegated to doing all the other amazing things it does besides being used for fuel of course! OCTOBER 2016 Alternative energy leaves more petroleum for plastics, adhesives, solvents, golf balls, cosmetics, panty hose, tooth paste, paints, lubricants, vinyl and as many as six thousand other products. Petroleum is one of creation’s great est gifts. It’s usefulness to mankind can be almost endless if we reduce our dependence on it for creating power. Solar and alternative energy generation is critical for tomorrow, but it needs to start today. PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Austrailian Solar Farm 49