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The brainchild of one Parker County woman, Women Unite Now seeks to uplift a horde of stressed-out, time-challenged females. her calling and established Women Unite Now. She also is in charge of the Community Nights of Worship, Summer Nights of Praise, and Worship on the Square events in Parker County. Camp’s main goal of Women Unite Now is to uplift women. “We want women to be encouraged, come together and worship together and really just have an amazing life,” she said. “And we’re hoping to take it to Fort Worth for a July event. We are looking for more areas to expand.”  With this message Camp is hoping to reach as many women as possible. “I would love to do at least four events a year,” she explained.  She is all about breaking down walls and bringing people together to connect on a deeper level. But the question is, “How?” How do you encourage women to do that? “When we understand who we truly are, then we can welcome confidence as women; we should be welcoming confidence as women. Whenever those thoughts come to us we have to bring those thoughts down and say that’s not who God says I am. Yes, I think it is important that we encourage each other as women and help each other [in] becoming everything that we can be. “You know, we have denominations and faiths that are different in how they worship Jesus,” Camp added. “But I want to bring down the walls separating us. I want to unify us as women and come together.” With all the tension and division in the world today, Camp is looking to decrease the pressure and invite women as a whole to join with her and each other instead of increasing the anger. By bringing women together she hopes that change will come. “I think it’s especially relevant right now with all the racial divides, all the accusations and problems going on,” she said.  This event is planned for Nov. 5th at North Side Baptist Church in Weatherford. “This is just what I do. I want to bring down denominational and racial walls and come together as one body to worship as women,” Camp said. “It’s just to bring us all together as women for worship.” SolisAd2016_245_Weatherford_6162016.pdf 1 6/16/2016 9:16:38 AM C oming up on its 5th Annual Event, Women Unite Now, led by Debra Camp, is about bringing women together for a night of inspirational and positive fellowship and uplifting speakers.  Camp aspires to clear up the morass of negativity that bombards today’s career woman. “I think women compare themselves to each other a lot and they should not because we are all different and we all have a different calling and a different plan for our lives,” Camp said. “We tend to tear ourselves down too many times when we should be lifting ourselves up and loving ourselves just the way we are because God loves us just like we are. I think that they are, but more than that, we compare ourselves to each other.” Camp is an American Contemporary singer, musician and songwriter born in Fort Worth, Texas. She grew up in Lake Worth but is now a resident of Parker County.  In January of 2011, Camp decided that public speaking and music were Leaders in 3D Mammography I don’t just want a Mammogram, I w ant Peace of Mind. C M Y CM MY CY OCTOBER 2016 CMY Schedule at or Call (866) 717.2551 20 locations across DFW including: 914 Foster Lane, Weatherford, Texas 76086 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY © Copyright 2016 Solis Mammography K 21