Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 13

Some of the students have relocated to the Weatherford area and some are commuting to Weatherford from Fort Worth. “Generally speaking they are really excited about the Weatherford community,” said Natalie Parish, Marketing Director of Weatherford Regional. “That’s one of the big recruiting tools for our program — how familyfriendly Weatherford is,” said Nash. During the interview phase, the students were welcomed to the area with a bus tour. Community leaders took the time to give tours to show them area parks, schools, Weatherford College, baseball fields, the Downtown Square, Farmer’s Market and Chandor Gardens. A typical day for the residents begins at 7 a.m. for morning report and hand-off of the patients for the new staff. The overnight resident tells the day team about the patients who were admitted and any PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY stay in Texas and especially somewhere like Weatherford. We want to participate in training them so we know they get good training. We get to know them really well and then we can recruit the best ones to stay in this area. It’s really a benefit to the community,” said Nash. The hospital has welcomed the students with a newly renovated lounge area specifically for the students, which includes comfortable seating, flat-screen televisions and a refrigerator filled with snacks and beverages. In their area is also a small gym and an area for the students to catch some sleep when time allows. “We are state of the art as far as GME (Graduate Medical Education) support. As a matter of fact, the folks from JPS want to come over and look at our space and see what we’ve done. I’ve worked at a lot of hospitals and we have the nicest facilities,” said Dr. Nash. OCTOBER 2016 Nash’s tutelage. The plan is to expand the number of students to 36 by the year 2018. Becoming a teaching hospital has many benefits, according to Nash. “There are a lot of benefits for the practicing physicians because it keeps medicine exciting for us. The best way to learn something yourself is to have to teach it to somebody else. It’s fun to be around young people who are at the start of their careers. They are so excited,” she said. Ninety percent of the students are Texas residents who want to finish their postgraduate training in our area. Many attended medical school locally or are from this area. “They are already established in the area,” said Nash. According to the volume of applications the program received, most are from the South and are in the top half of their medical school classes. “They are here and established and they want to stay in this area for their profession. They want to Continued on page 87 11