Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 114

our opinions: CURMUDGEON MUSINGS The Last Word BY MARK BROWN Great quote for this month: “I want to fight the battle in front of me — not behind me.” OCTOBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY I don’t know who the author is, but I personally love it. I think sometimes in this world we live in is a bit like the TV show Survivor. Everyone wants to vote you off the island, which makes me think of the above quote, which in my opinion means just that.  The business world is especially bad about that. So like cattle drives back in Charles Goodnight’s day, you should always have people watching your back. Another great quote I read recently is, “The nearest rattlesnake is always the biggest.” Now that could mean several things; I have my ideas, but I’ll let you all define the meaning for yourselves. One of the things I have been reminded of recently, especially in business, is how valuable time is. Just in my estimation, if you squander time, any time, could be an hour, a half-day, could be a whole day, or even a week, doesn’t matter how much — if you waste any amount of time, that time is gone. Gone forever, you can never get it back. However if you use an hour or day being productive, that hour or day will pay you forever. Also, if you want to find out how productive you really are, get a cheap stopwatch (or just use your Swiss Army knife of a phone) and only let it run when you are really productive. If you are in some kind of sales for instance, cleaning out or rearranging the paperclip drawer is not productive. That’s just busy work. You 112 have to be truly productive, then keep track of that producti fRFRBw&FRBFvBFPVBbFRFखbRFB&vBRv&R66VBBpV&GV7FfRR&RBBvVV6VǐF&R&R&GV7FfRRbFR&W7BVFW2f"F2F22g&ФV'f&Bv6R6B( g&FRv7FV@FW&R6&R6fvR( Фv2v7FrFRFRFW"FvF6pFVWf6WBR&W&6RFCv2v7FrFRvF6rFVWf66W&62vF6r7VVWVB6WvW&RBFRFW 6W&66R6WfW&FW2GW&rFPWfVrrf"rW&BbFRfR&VǐF6ƖVB26W&62'WBF2'F7V FRBW7B7G'V6RWG&&BW7BrfW'FRFFW&Vǒ&RN( 2FRvR( ƧV氧&BF~( F7W&RvRƗfRVFW"rP&&&ǒ2F&RFVv2ƖRbv&vWBBB6&VƗRR2FF6WFpW7V6ǒ&W2FvWBV^( 2GFVFFR&&V2F( BvBF&RRbF6PVR6fbvW26rvFFW 6W&6N( 2W7Bג6vbvfp&67GVǒFR6VBFVVRPfW2FVW7BƖRWfW'RV6R2FrpF2B֖vBg&VVRWBB&RPvVBvWB&R62ࠠ