Parker County Today October 2016 - Page 108

our business: INTERN The Apprentice, Parker County Style (No One Gets Fired) Experience and Wisdom Teams With Vitality and Enthusiasm for a Winning Combo OCTOBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY BY ABIGAIL GIEGER and MARSHA BROWN 106 Chicken Spinach Salad with Fruit Bowl Healthty Options Available We Do Not Use MSG • Gluten-Free Options Follow Us On Facebook • Winner of Multiple Awards Monday – Saturday: 7 a.m. • Sunday: 8 a.m. 101 W. Church St., Weatherford, TX 76086 • 817-594-8717 This last summer, Drew Springer of Springer Financial Services brought a new team member to his business. Waylon Widler saw the Springer Financial sign one day when driving through town and decided he would see if he could maybe get an internship there. “Mr. Springer didn’t know me until I walked in. I tried to get other internships at various places but competition with college kids threw me off. I tried all the places I thought I could try and one day on my way through town I thought I saw the sign. I Googled them when I got home. So I made my resume and re-did my cover le GFW"( vFW"WVB( FPf'7BW'66rv2GB&W@Ǘ7BGFWrvVvƶW"B6VB&WBFW&62BPFBRFW( BWfW"BR&Vf&R'WBRvVBFƲF"7&vW""7&vW"v27GVǒWBFPvvFFRFw2vVvƶV@vƶVB&vB7BBFF( BrvRv26G@FRFvFFR&W"6VG6W'FW6RvW&R"7&vW"@vƶVBFRFw2vRfvVBFvfRג&W7VRGBFBЧvv2BFBv2FW&W7FV@FW&6vfR"7&vW ג&W7VRB6fW"WGFW"BPFR&6FFR6fW&V6R&ЦBFBFW'fWr^( 2FRf'7@