Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 97

PARKER COUNTY AG Briley Harvey A lthough Briley Harvey is only 10, she’s entering her second year of showing steers. She comes from a showing family as she is following her older sister and her mother, who showed cattle when she was in school. She had a very successful first year, winning the Junior Steer Showmanship award at the Parker County show this year and receiving her first belt buckle with her black steer named “Tiko.” Tiko also helped Briley win another buckle at the Brock show. “She really likes her steers and her big [hair] bows,” said mother Sandy. “She jumps at going to a stock show whenever she has the chance.” Her next competitions are in Fort Worth in January of 2018, and she will continue showing her new animal Scooter at the San Antonio Stock Show. Briley works hard with her steers. “She’s learning tons of responsibility. She’s out at 7:15 feeding. We halter break them, she has to clean up after them. She sure does like her buckle and she says it’s all worth it in the end,” said Sandy. She made prize money during her first year showing, and her parents are helping Briley and her sister save for their next stock purchases, saving their prize money either for buying an animal or buying feed for the animal. According to Sandy, the cost of raising a show steer on a modest budget costs between $6,000 and $7,000 for the animal, vet bills and its feed. To help them learn the value of their prize money, the girls’ parents will have them help purchase an animal or pay for its feed from their winnings. After that, any money left over will go into a college fund. When Briley attends the shows she’s not just enjoying the atmosphere, she’s paying attention to the other kids and their animals. “I like seeing all of the different classes and trying to guess which ones will make the sale, and I watch them so I can get better,” she said. But for Briley, the show is how you win the buckles, so she said, “I like to show off all the things that I worked on all year.” SPONSOREd BY Briley Harvey FOR ALL YOUR FARM & RANCH, COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE NEEDS Specializing in Parker County Commercial Real Estate 817-538-6846 JIM MARTIN 95