Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 90

Continued from page 78 farm on a large scale for himself, he rented the land to several families to farm. The Hoffards were one of those families who lived at the Penn Farm. Andy married Dee Etta Hoffard in 1927.  Like so many family agricultural businesses of that time, the Penn’s farm went through some financial setbacks because of the Great Depression and again during World War II.  Andy, at 65 years old, was reducing the number of his cattle and cultivating less land. He died in 1964, and soon after Dee Etta began selling some of the land that comprised Penn Farm. She continued to live on the farm until 1970. Five years later the land and the buildings were sold to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department received the land in 1990 and the park opened in 1991.  For Kids, Check Out the Ranger Programs The park offers guided hikes, history and nature programs, and outdoor skills workshops. All are especially interesting to young visitors. • Check their Events page for upcoming programs. • Call the park to arrange a program for your group. • Learn more about the park on their Nature and History pages. • Borrow a Junior Ranger Explorer Pack for your kids! • Check out the Cedar Hill State Park Activity Guide. • Or the Interpretive Guide to Cedar Hill State Park and Penn Farm Agricultural Center. The trip was a lot of fun, even with the freakishly cold weather that went away the minute we turned into our driveway at the end of our trip. We plan to return in warmer weather to experience the warm-weather aspects of the park. But we are also planning another Thanksgiving Weekend excursion at another state park for this month. Stay tuned. 88 Beautiful sunset