Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 9

E mily Beck, Bachelorette of the Year for 2017, and her entire team combined forces to win PCT’s Sweet Charity and Bachelorettes competi- tion. Emily is humbled at this honor and overjoyed to have been a member of the first “clean sweep” in this competition, having the charity, the chef and the bachelorette all come from the same team. The Fort Worth native won our event by raising the most money ever, a whopping total of $47,233. Beck moved to Parker County because of its laid- back nature and her love of horses. She hand-picked Stars and Strides as the charity she wanted to partner with. This was due to the fact that it not only involves horses but involves adults and children who find comfort and thera- peutic healing in horses. “I thought it would be a good fit,” said Beck. “It’s easy to win money for something that I have a passion for. I love horses and raising money for horses was easy for me.” She was impressed by how Stars and Strides owners David and Teresa Miller are able to use horses as a tool for physical therapy, emotional growth and learning. “David and Teresa Miller are two amazing people who use their experi- ences of raising a special needs child as a way to give back to other families,” said Beck. Although the goal of all the bachelorettes is to win the title by raising the Continued on page 12 Photo by Megan Parks Outfit by Resale Secret