Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 86

84 millionaires, a bigger goal is to get the company up and running where they will be able to produce the cane here in Parker County, maybe even passing it down to future generations to run. One way of doing that is to come up with other products to hit all price points in the market. It’s something that both men have thought about and are preparing to make it a reality in the upcoming months.  “We would like to expand into other healthcare-related products and offer other models of this cane, some without a grabber, so that we can streamline it and it be cheaper to hit all price points in the market. We included in our patent the ability to incorporate an active track- er like a Fit Bit. Your typical pedometer does not work well on an elderly person who moves slowly. When you put the pedometer on a cane, it measures their gate speed a lot more accurately. We want to tap into a market that they are not selling to.”  The cane is an all-American product, meaning it’s made here and fabricated here, unlike many other products. The Super Cane is $64.95, plus shipping. The men currently put the cane together in either Newton’s garage or Overcash’s shop. When sales start to pick up, they plan on getting a space big enough to produce an assembly line to make production run more efficiently.  In a county where small-town values marry big business, it is no surprise that there are a host of successful entre- preneurs counted within the popula- tion. Cornerstone Diversified Industries stepped up to join those ranks by creat- ing a product that many didn’t even know they needed; but very soon they won’t know how they ever lived with- out it. Their vision is to build up this business in Parker County and keep it in Parker County. In Overcash’s own words, “We want a company here where everyone can work here, make a good, decent living and like working for us.” Don and Susan Newton