Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 71

holiday survival guide Don’t Cater to the Relatives, Get a Caterer Do It For You Personally, I blame Martha Stewart for perpetrating the fantasy of a perfectly-cooked turkey, surrounded by a photogenic sweet potato casserole and green beans shin- ing with butter and fluffy, cloud-like mashed potatoes, topped off by a pristine, hand-made pie. Here’s the deal: Martha has people she pays handsomely to cook and style food so it looks like a million bucks. You could have a beautifully cooked turkey or ham and yummy side dishes without ever having to break a sweat. Why not take a hint from Martha, and pay some- one else to do the heavy lifting (or at least some of it)? Call Baker’s Ribs – (817)-599-3907 Brian and Deanna Krier have the perfect one-stop shop for all holiday catering needs. They have holiday dinners down to a science. Baker’s Ribs offers basic, traditional holiday dinner each year a X[H\\[H[Z[Y\]HXYBZ\&\XHY\وZ\[Z[HY^HY][ۋ\ΈZ[pHKK8$H KY\^H LǨΈHKK$ H KY LK̍ Y^N LKK8$ H K[H]\Y][X[\ۙ\XB[H]]Y\B\ܚX[\YHY\[[BH݋ L LL[Y[X\[[\YۈX˂M]H][K\Y^HX\ۋBY\[[H[H][X[\]Y\ˈ[˜[Hۋ\\\XH܈[]Y\[Hۘ]YH\[\XH[ˈ^H[[HX[›][ܘ\Y\܈H؛x&\[\˂] ۙ\KHY^HX\ۈ\X]Z[[ٝ[܂H[[YK^[[]^HYܝH[[XZ[X]]Y[Y[[ܚY\][\HY][YK]8&\[X]]Y\[XZ[[]]\\H8%\H[Y[B[Z[H[\[KYY^K\ܚX[\YHY\[[H\[YHܝܝ\[\X[[[[\XX[[[Z\ܜ[X\و ˈۛۈ\HYKB[ۘ[[\]YHX[ \[XZ\X\]XHۛۂ\8'HY\[[x'Kٙ\ݙ\ X[\][[\\]HX[ۈوYYH0X܋[\]Y\\[ۋ\]\H[[ܙH[\ۙHً\ق\][ۈ\H[ۙ^H8$]\^K L M K[[^KLM K^H[]H[][[H\[X\KۙYH[[\ˈ\X\H\HY][ۘ[X\H]\\]\][H[\X]ZXH[XH]\ܙ\\Z]]\YY\[˂[][\^\Y[HH[[YH[\XH܈Z\[\]YHXYHXK^\و\][ۈق[ۙ^KT]\^K LNKK H Ό K[[^KLLΌ KHY\[[H[H][Z\Y[HوHYX\