Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 70

holiday survival guide Stuff Happens, Prepare Sargents Wrecker Service Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Over the holidays, family members come in from out of town and sometimes out of state. Road trips can be hard on vehicles, December can bring rough weather and there are those odd little things that can happen even in the best of families like your sister brings her new boyfriend and nobody knows what to make of him so he drinks like the proverbial fish and passes completely out while his dually is parked behind your ARS, that is parked behind your mother-in-law’s Mercedes. Keep the phone number for Sargent’s Wrecker Service handy. Here it is (817) 458-8203. Sargent’s Wrecker Service is a family-owned and locally operated business and has been proudly serving Parker County and the surrounding areas since 1987. With the largest and most diverse fleet of tow trucks, Sargent’s offers 24-hour tow truck service and wrecker service for both autos and heavy-duty trucks (just in case, your cous- in’s gianormous motor home breaks down while crossing the cattleguard. Call for quick, reliable service anytime and everywhere. In addition to their wrecker service, Sargent’s also offers truck and trailer repair service. If you are in the Weatherford area, Sargent’s can get you back on the road quickly with its roadside service or we can bring your truck into Sargent’s truck and trailer repair shop where their dedicated ASE Certified mechanics can quickly diag- nose and repair your guest’s vehicles long before they wear out their welcome. Get Them To Come Clean Mop Heads Cleaning Service 68 Do you clean like you’re preparing to perform surgery in your kitchen? Do you find yourself scrubbing every- thing from baseboards to ceiling fans in anticipation of entertaining the family? Once your guests arrive, are you too exhausted to enjoy being with them? Don’t do it! Get someone else to do the cleaning for you! We suggest Mop Heads Cleaning Service — 817-692- 1031. Mop Heads will make sure you have a house that’s mother-in-law ready, with a surgery-friendly kitchen and a bathroom that’s ready for inspection. Mop Heads is a competent and reliable cleaning company. Mop Heads Cleaning Service that has been saving hosts and hostesses from stressful entertaining in Parker County for 10 years. Their professionally trained staff and environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques have made them a local favorite offering one-time cleaning or regular cleaning appointments.