Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 66

holiday survival guide Put Your Best Face Forward See Diana Dowden at Salons of Volterra 64 See Diana Dowden 9336 Team Ranch Road Fort Worth, Texas 76126 817.915.5025 While getting ready to entertain the entire tribe for the holidays, making sure you don’t forget the tiniest detail, it’s easy to forget to take care of the person at the center of it all — you. The best preparation you can make is to schedule some time to pamper yourself. Whether you choose rejuvenating oxygen therapy, a peel or one of the many facials offered, don’t forget to gift yourself this holiday. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup...we all need break time to refresh. Contact Diana at 817.915.5025 for an appointment. Follow these tips to get the most out of your spa experience. 1. Before you go in for your spa time, plan to clear your mind and your schedule, plan to turn off your cell phone. Look forward to your spa break and be truly ready to relax. 2. Leave behind your “to do” list and your worries. 3. When you enter the spa, be ready to soak up the beautiful surroundings, the fresh, soothing aromas and relax your mind. 4. When tea or water is offered, enjoy that little fix. 5. As you begin your treatment take some deep breaths and with each breath clear away your worries. 6. If you feel the need to talk, discuss your treatment or anything pleasant – but remember, this is a negativity-free zone. 7. Mindfully and peacefully place yourself in a twilight slumber. 8. Enjoy the senses of your treat- ment — the aroma, the feel, images and sounds, that’s all you need to block the outside interfer- ences. When you start practicing these examples with your spa time, it will carry over into the life you live in “the real world.” It will make surviving the holidays much easier and more fun. This could be your best New Year reso- lution- ever. Happy Spa Holidays!