Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 57

our pastimes: GLAMPING Come Glamp With Me — The Best Is Yet To Be By MARK BROWN PHOTOS BY DENISE BROWN Cedar Hill State Park Offers Great Scenery, Excellent RV Accommodations, And A Glimpse Into Another Era. A group of our Glamping friends called us last fall. “Let’s go on a trip while we’re off for the holiday,” one of them said. Life had been hectic for us, and, frankly spending four days in the wild with friends, cooking steaks over a campfire, and drinking coffee by the firelight seemed to be just what my wife and I needed. We all wanted to get away, just not too far away. I do a good bit of air travel in my work and Glamping is a great way to “get the knots out of your rope,” in the words of Curly in “City Slickers.” We chose Cedar Hill State Park. It is less than an hour from our home in Aledo, and just the right distance for me. There’s a historical aspect to the park (I’ll tell you more about that later), something several of us like. It’s a scenic park with plenty of foliage and a variety of wildlife Continued on page 78 55