Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 48

our pets: DOG COMPETITION Dachshunds — The Loyal and the Royal BY ETHAN EVANS W 46 hat comes to mind when you think of the most-regal dog on the planet? Probably not a dachshund, yet Parker County’s Kim Warder proudly shows hers, Cher, in dog competitions because, as she says, “Dachshunds are very sassy, loyal and royal.”  Warder and Cher’s debut as a captivating duo began approximately one year ago. Cher was a gift from her mother-in-law, Janice Warder. She was also the reason Kim consid- ered pursuing showing dogs in the first place.  Hesitantly, Kim Warder attended one of the shows her mother-in-law participated in and decided to give it a try. Already acquainted with the breeder, Warder trusted that Cher would have performing in her blood.  Unfortunately, victory slipped from Warder’s grasp (just barely) after her first attempt. Even though she had minimal experience competing, by the next show, both Kim and Cher emerged confident and vibrant as ever, continuing their performances and bringing in several ribbons.  “The feeling of pride you gain is overwhelming once you win your first competition,” Warder said, admitting to her very own victory lap after being told of her resounding victory. Their first win was a pivotal moment in their dog-showing career, and now Warder takes pride in her performances on stage. Although Cher is meant for the show life, her off-stage personality is quite different in comparison to that of her on-stage persona, knowing when she is at a competition and that she is being shown.  “Cher is the epitome of royalty and loyalty on stage,” Warder said. Kim Warder — Parker County’s Dachshund Diva But behind the scenes, Cher is completely different, acting sassy. “I believe she thinks she is the alpha of the house,” explained Warder, knowing Cher has the bad habit of being a little bit overprotec- tive of her owners, at times going as far as to protect Warder and her husband from the house cleaner.  Cher comes by her sass natu- rally — she has her own doggie closet. From time to time, Cher poses in “doggie photo shoots with her boyfriend Leo,” Best Of Breed winner at the Westmister Dog Show. Cher and Leo are hoping to take their relationship to the next level, which hopefully will result in a brand-new generation of show Dachshund, continuing Cher’s legacy. Hopefully, Cher will continue to live a long and happy life with