Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 24

“The pumpkin bars have been a hit for years at Whistle Hill,” Paxton said. “I just recently started making desserts, but I figured I would do my favorite dish and add on to it.”  Paxton cooks breakfast and lunch for hungry patrons at Whistle Hill’s Downtown Café. His parents owned Whistle Hill Café previously, and he is happy to have his family’s great cuisine on the square. “I wanted to bring back the menu that Whistle Hill had and add a couple of twists to it. I always thought that we had great food. I want to make sure our old customers are happy and our new customers are satisfied,” he said. He 26VbFVvB6Vb&Vvp2W762BFR&v6Fbv7FR2FVVvW"FP#RזV"B6FVVBV&rF6f"6VbBfǒf"0f<:RR6B( Ğ( fRv2BখFW&W7BBVVB6rf"אg&VG2( Хv7FR( 2FvFv6l:2VFRV6R6Gv6W26G2B66Vg&VB7FVvF6&7FW"B'FVF27R7W&vV# 6֗GFVBFFrFfGVƗV@&6FG&VFr&6BV6vVFW&f&@R6FfRG&fR7VFRvRBR"b"BBrb`Deu7T6VFW"6УrӓbCc