Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 11

D C One more reason to love your neighborhood... avid and Teresa Miller felt that it was both a privilege and an honor to be selected as one of the charities to compete in the 2017 Bachelorettes event. When they agreed to be a part of the competition they had no way of knowing that Stars and Strides Stables would be the winning charity at the 2017 Sweet Charity & Bachelorettes event, raising over $47,000. This distinction filled them with a joy that they could not express.  M Y CM MY CY CMY Peace of Mind is just around the corner K 3D MAMMOGRAPHY 21 LOCATIONS ACROSS DFW Including 914 Foster Lane Weatherford, Texas 76086 Online Scheduling: | (866) 717.2551 Finishing Finishing Touches Finishing Finishing Touches BJ Hayley 817.233.9288 BJ Hayley BJ Hayley Touches Touches Interior & Exterior Commercial & Residential Painting Commercial & Residential Painting Kitchen & Hayley Bath Remodels Interior & Exterior Interior & Exterior Kitchen & Bath Remodels BJ 817.233.9288 B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor www.FinishingTouches.Pro www.FinishingTouches.Pro www.FinishingTouches.Pro Commercial & Residential Painting Commercial & Residential Painting B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Remodels Bath Remodels www.FinishingTouches.Pro B.J. Hayley, Female Contractor Continued on page 14 b 817.233.9288 817.233.9288 B.J. Hayley- Female Contractor bj@finishingtouches. Interior & Exterior “We were overwhelmed and surprised to win,” said David Miller. “For us to win, Emily to win and Whistle Hill to win, it felt like the whole team made it across the finish line together.”  The charity was created in 2012 by the Millers after their daughter, Courtney, was born with disabilities and could not compete with other kids.  “We put her in equine assistant therapy when she was 9 or 10 years old,” explained David. “We heard it was good for developing core muscle groups, because she had weak muscles throughout her body due to the disabilities.”  After she got started, they discovered the benefits were not limited to Courtney’s physical strength, that the therapy impacted her self-esteem as a whole. She began to compete in western pleasure, showmanship and English and trail showmanship. She became shing ouches OFFERING 9