Parker County Today November 2017 - Page 107

November 15 - December 10, 2017 Will Rogers Memorial Center * 3401 W Lancaster * Fort Worth, Texas T he Great American Insurance Group NCHA World Championship Futurity Presented by Jerry Chevrolet is restricted to 3-year-old cutting horses that have never been shown in judged competition. Founded in 1962, HH]\]H\Bܝ8&\\8'[Z]YYx'H][ ]H\B\X[ Z[[ۋ]\Hܛ8&\X\[܈ܜH][[\۝\Yݙ\ ۜX]]H^\Yݙ[X\[X[X\Hܛ[\[ۜ\]\]B\\Hܝ8&\[Y\[[[[ݚY\[[YH]H^[\][ۂوܙX]ܜ\\HHYH[HۙHقHܛ8&\[Xܘ]]H\]Z[Hܝˈ\žYX\H^X[ܙH[ L \]ܜZH[H[[و[[ K [Y\˜\][܈Z[[ۜ[\[^\˂\]PUSːH܈H[Y[H[\و][“][ۘ[][ܜH\X][ۈ Z[^H]Kܝܝ  ͌M8( ML MN