Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 90

our opinions: ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT In The Comfort Zone NOVEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY When Five Stars Don’t Equal Excellence We (Comfort Experts) have a five-star rating on Yelp and our company is winner of the Malcolm Baldridge Award, which has been awarded as one of the Best Places to Work and has the best ratings from the Better Business Bureau. All of these designations are great for companies to strive for. In the past, people would ask their friends, neighbors and the people they worked with, which companies were good, which ones were reliable, trustworthy and fair in their billing practices. Now, with our increasingly busy lives, we’ve started relying on a few key strokes or taps on our mobile phones to help us make big decisions that can sometimes cost us thousands of dollars. And we’re taking the word of people we’ve never met or who may not even exist. Let’s take, for example, Yelp. Don’t get me wrong, I like Yelp and rely on it often when I’m in an unfamiliar city and looking for a good place to eat lunch. But lately, I’ve become much more of a connoisseur of their reviews. The restaurant around the corner has a five-star review. Great, I think. Then I drill down into the reviews and it makes me wonder. They only have five reviews, but all of them are five stars. The reviews use the same words, a different order, but the same words, same punctuation. The grammar is correct and there are no misspelled words. Everyone loves it, and no one has any complaints? The restaurant isn’t new, but they only have five reviews? Are there any reviews from people in the business’ area, or only ones from out-of-towners? Does the review read like a brochure for the business? If it does, it probably is. Ther H\HXX[][ۜœ[H[Y[[Hܚ]\\H][ZYHB]Y]]]H]Y] [YHY]]Hۙ\HۈX[YYXHX]\ˈ]\][HXXY[ \܈YKH\\[܈H]ZXXH™ܘXH]HX] ][YH[\\]\[]H۞H]Y]][&]HYKX[\[Y]Y&]ܚ]8%\HY[ H[YH[&]HZY܂\XHݚY\][H[\H܈[\XHB\[YX\و[\[Z[x&\[H\\\]8$[\YKH]؜ۂSYܝ^\‚Y[ \X[YYXH]\[\ZH]\H[ܚ]\]\Z[H][HYH[[H\H[˜]]Y][[Y[X][[][ۘ[\[\\ˈY[XYX[H\\Y][[Y8'X[Y[][ۈٝ\K'H\\HY[8&\\[\\YBX]H]\ܚX\]X[Y[]Y]ˈ8'B\H]]X]Yٝ\H][YH\[[Y\œX[Y[]Y]HHY[[][]KHٝ\H]ޙ[وY\[Yۘ[[Y[\[\›YX\\\و]X[]K[XX[]H[X]]HۈY[ [و[]\]8&\[܈[H\H[[X[B[]]Y\HHYH[HوX[]Z[Y^\Y[\^H]H]\H^H][\[\\˸'B\۸&][ZH[[H[Hܚ]H[B]Y]]\YۈHX]H܈\[H[Y[H^B[Y[[ZYܜXZHX\[ۜˈ]8&\\BX[Y[][ۈٝ\H]\Z[H]\ۂY[[[[XHY]Y]ˈ]\H\[H\[]HۙH܈ˈ][H[HXZHHۘ\YYܝۛX]H\Y\ˈH[™]\][H[\Z\Y]]H^\Y[H[B]]HۙK]\\H\[\ۙ\H[]X]\ZHH\]HۙH[]^HٙXH[HBH؛[H[[YYX][H]\[]H]\™ܙ]\ۈX[YYXK[H[\YH\\Y\˜[]]H]Y]\܈\]܈[\[\\][H]HX[[] Hۛ]XB\XX]HKHXZH]HYX[]\ٙXH[HX܈ۙHو\ٙXHY]H]]HY[[ۋ]\\[HH\Y\Hܚ][\\\Y\\^\]\ۛH\H[ˈH]\[ۙH[\\[H]YHZ[[]\]Yۈ\H]\HۙH[H[]KH[Y[]^K]H]HHܙX]]Y]H\ܙX]\Y\ۈ\\[ۛ[KHYH[H\BX؛ۙHو\\[\ˈ[Y[x&\H\KX\B[ x&YZHH[H^]8&\[