Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 78

Three Generations NOVEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Continued from page 31 with both dogs and horses at the same time. “It’s a great challenge. It’s fun to get out there with your horse and dog and move those cattle. And who doesn’t love to just watch dogs work?” The Newtons wanted to bring Rodear to Texas because “there seems like there’s more people who know how to ride in Texas.” When asked what they hope to accomplish by bringing Rodear into the limelight, Merle said, “We want to familiarize people with it and get more people to participate and see how it’s going to work, so that people understand. Most other cow dog competitions have a lot of rules. This is on horseback and there are no rules. You get points for accomplishments and you won’t get disqualified for waving your hand or running your horse or going into an obstacle. We want to see how you work your horse like you would at home.” “Weatherford is the hub of the cutting horse industry and always has 76 been, but with the National Reining Cow Horse Association moving their largest events to Fort Worth, this event is perfect for this area,” Jeffrey Matthews said. “Cutting horses are to Weatherford what racing is to Lexington. This is such a perfect sport for Parker County and lots of people have horses here and they also have stock in horses. The biggest Rodear event to date was out in Fort Klamath. It was the biggest because people from New Zealand, Australia and Canada hosted the event and they brought other dogs, dogs that weren’t border collies. To say this is a border collie only sport isn’t fair.” “Border Collies make up about 90 percent of the competition,” Sheri ZY 8'\x&\Hو[H\B]][]۸&]]BYHܜ[][ۈ]Y[HYHܜK˜]H\][ۈ[\][[][]\HܚHۈ[\˂]8&\]\[\ܝ[]]\H[]X[HXZ\ܜH[][ۋ]8&\x&\BZ[[H\ˈH[BYH[H[Hܚ˜\H[H\[\و[ܝ[܈][܈[ܜ\܂\H\[\ˈHو[H˜\]H[\\H[\˸'B]^x&]H\Y B]ۜ[HX]]\HXYB]H[[ˈ8'X\\[X]][[[XY[BK\x&\[[ܙH[[\][H\][\\Y[8%[\ܜH[[\˂]8&\x&Y]ۈH[ [H\H[\ܜH[[\™]ۙH][HYY8'HX\“]ۈZY 8'[Hۛ]X”XZ\H\H[]HX[BZH[]]X\\XK]^\8'[\\Y 'HH]B[HHYYHܚH^B^H[]YKHو[Y\ž[HX]HH]H[܈Y][˜[[HH[ˈX\\۸&]ZB] H\[[H]H[[[^ H\[XYBK'B