Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 74

in the oil and gas industry, but found her calling at her family’s business, even putting together her own collection of furniture. The Elizabeth Collection features pieces that Elizabeth has chosen and curated as well as some that she’s designed. She seems to get the designing eye from her mother. “My mom has an incredible eye for design so I get her feedback on any and all pieces,” she said. She’s looking at the flooding of her home as an opportunity to remodel and redo as they put their home back together. She even has other people asking for advice on their homes as their community continues to rebuild. A big project on the horizon for Elizabeth is the Brumbaugh’s booth at the upcoming NCHA Futurity. “I’m looking forward to the Futurity this year. I usually run the Brumbaugh booth,” she said. She described wha ^B[HX]\[]Z\\8'[\YX\Z[š[H[˸'H[X]Y8&\\[X][] LYX\وZ[[\[\ˈ[[]H[Y\\H^H[X]Y8&\۝[Z[X\ˈXܙ[[^X] '][X]Y8&\Z[[\[\܈ LYX\؝[\HH][&]^YYH[YK]8&\HY][[ܜ\›و]H\H[]H\Hˈ]8&\[^][˜[ܘ^H\H]H\H[H\ًx&]HHقX[HYX\ˈ][H]H 'HH[]BH]YX\و\X[ۈۋZ[[ 8']ܚ]\[H\H[H[H[YHܙX]X[ۘ[[[ݙ\\\YX]\[YHXXX]\X8'HH۝[YY ՑSPT MHHHHVB[^X][]Z\‚̂H^XH\[\Y\ܛ[\H\][[[X\][X]ܜ[]\›^܈HܙKXܙ[\\X\ 8'^\\\H][X\] HXۛ^H\]Hݙ\[ ^BXܛ[\[[[\[H]H[X]ܜ˂HXۛZX[HX[Hۙ[\XX[HY[۝[Y\\HXݙH L 'H]\\\\Yۈ\H\XX]\[وHY\[[و\Y\]\H[]Z[XHY\H[^\ˈHZY 8'^\\H[\ [H]H[وHY\[[\H]H[KXXKYX]H[\ˈ^\X[H\š][ 'B[ۙ]Y[ܜ\XZ[[\YH[[[܈H]\Hو\[Z[x&\\[\[^X][\\ؘ[\HX[H^]YX][\Z[˜Y][ۈZ\[Z[KH\Yۘ[]HXBYH[X\و Mˈ[[Y\^\\]\ۜY\YX][^\x&\[[[[و] YKܚ[[Z[K