Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 67

Money Talks! Texas Bank President/CEO, Mark Riebe with Cox Financial Group’s Randy Cox, CFP® What’s in your Portfolio? Serving our area since 1994, financial advisor Randy Cox, CFP® of the Cox Cornerstone Financial Group, has been helping clients develop financial strategies to meet both shortterm and long-term objectives. Randy is a true community partner, who also knows something about banking relationships. “I met Mark through church when I first moved to Weatherford over 30 years ago,” says Randy. “I like doing business with people you know, you like, and you trust.” We’re proud to have Randy Cox as a banking customer, community partner and friend! Come see us today with your business plans, visions, and dreams and let us help make them reality. Texas Bank Financial and Cox Financial Group...Partners in business! 901 Santa Fe Drive Weatherford (817) 596-9998