Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 58

NOVEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Continued from page 33 a cowgirl, very neutral and traditional and more conservative. I’m a little more eccentric and like to add a twist. We just moved to a farm, and I don’t wear heels.” But she continued, “At the basis we are just two moms trying to provide for our families.” When describing the two of them, she said, “We have a love for fabric and giving back to our community.” The two put a big emphasis on comfortable and soft fabrics that feel good to the skin when purchasing for the store and their customers. “When we order our inventory we look for special blends that feel good,” said Krouse. They also focus on keeping prices low while offering quality clothing that doesn’t fall apart. Krouse said, “We have a responsibility to bring style that isn’t ridiculous.” While the offerings in their store help people in the need, the two women also help their local community by volunteering and supporting a variety of causes. The store proudly supports Aledo athletic programs and other local charities. But one that is important to both of the partners is Gracefully Strong. This Aledo-based charity supports young girls by showing them that they are each wonderfully made and that inner strength and self-worth are discovered and nurtured through healthy physical, spiritual and emotional choices. Krouse described it as, “Gracefully Strong helps little girls boost their self-confidence. It’s an after-school program that started in Aledo and is growing fast.” Red Horse Boutique has hosted a number of fundraisers for the group including an initial one with a photo shoot focus. The evening of the event there was a freak snowstorm. Because of their strong and loyal customer base they still had 60 people show up in the snow for the fundraiser. New to the business is Red Horse’s online presence. It showcases all of H]\][]H]\]YH\[\[[ۛ[Hܙ\[قHܙx&\[[ܞKܛ\HYZ]YH\\\YHHۛ[Hܙ\]\X\Y]HܛوZ\X]H[HX\H]\[\Y\]H[YZ[]8&\›][HܙK\8&\Y]][\H[XX[۝]Hܙx&\۝ۂ[Y][ۋHܙH\HXœ][\XH\H[[B\H\Y[YYH[[›YˈHݙ[X\][[HB\^H[[Hܘ]ۈ݋ LMH H K]\[\\XB\[\\[H\X\][]YܜH]Y ܛ\H[]Y]\[ۙHYHX]\HHZY ']8&\H[[][]H[YB]˸'BH[[\YH^][œ[܈\Y^HX\ۈ[[Xٙ]\][ۈXY^K݋ ] YܜH]\]YH\[BY\^HYY^H LKK K[]\^\H LKKH K]\]Y] ۝Y][[Y\ٙHZ[YX˂