Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 52

our biz: PROFESSIONAL WISDOM Talk with the Business Titans DEBBIE NEWKIRK BY ABIGAIL GIEGER OWNER: WEATHERFORD WILD BIRD CENTER PHOTO BY STEVE SCHILLIO NOVEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY PCT: What is your official title? NEWKIRK: Officially, I’m the owner. But those that own a small business or have ever owned a small business know that means you are responsible for pretty much everything. I’m Purchasing Manager, HR Manager, Accounts Payable, Customer Service to Janitorial and anything in between. Although, I have been known to answer to Mom, Pebbles, Debble Pebble, and Puke Face (one of my sister’s favorites). PCT:: What is your business? NEWKIRK: Our primary focus is on backyard bird feeding. Backyard bird feeding and bird watching is the second largest hobby in the U.S., only outranked by gardening. We have everything you need — bird houses, feeders, bird seed, bird baths, pole systems, hummingbird feeders, bird books, feeders to feed the squirrels and feeders to keep the squirrels out. We strive to provide the wild bird hobbyist with quality products and expert advice in an atmosphere where customers are treated like friends with warmth and respect. PCT: What is the nature of your business? NEWKIRK: Providing our friends and neighbors a better backyard birdfeeding experience. We are not just a place to buy a bird feeder or pick up a bag of seed. Many of our products carry limited lifetime warranties and are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We want to 50 hear your bird feeding stories and see your pictures. PCT: How did you get into this business? NEWKIRK: Due to a downturn in the defense industry I was provided with the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere. That was the end of a long career working as a Quality Assurance Professional for corporate Ame ɥ$ЁձeЁЁ፥ѕ)ЁѥեݸѡЁѠM)$хѕѼѡЁݡЁ$ݽձ)䁑$ɕɕ)ٕͅѥ$ݥѠ䁵)啅́ݡݔ٥ͥѕ)] ɐѽɔЁ]Ѡ])ٕѡЁѽɔ쁥Ё݅́ͼ)հݥѠѡɐͽչ́)ѡɕɕ䁅չՔɽՍ)ѡ䁡ѼɅЁѥհɑ́Ѽ((0