Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 37

H igh School football is a way of life for many in Texas schools. In Willow Park, Texas, it’s no different. At the home of the Trinity Christian Eagles, these young men breathe football and are carrying a 4-3 record in their first season of 11-man football. The same can be said for those in middle school where they look up to and aspire to be just as good as the upper classmen when they are on the varsity team. What many people don’t know about are the battles being fought off the field by these young men.  Chase Gunter, 12th grade, and Race Zwieg, seventh grade, are two Trinity Christian Academy students and football players who are currently battling Type 1 diabetes on a daily basis. Type 1 diabetes is commonly diagnosed in children and young adults. What occurs is that the body cannot produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps the body get W O N glucose, which is sugars and starches broken down from the blood into the cells of the body for use as energy. The daily routine these two young men go through is a lot of work. In order to stay healthy and alive they must watch what they eat throughout the day while also monitoring their blood glucose levels.  For Race, the question he finds himself asking sometimes is “why me?” Before he was diagnosed with Type 1, Race was perfectly healthy and showed no signs of having the disease.  “He was perfectly fine,” said Mrs. Zwieg, Race’s mother. “It was a couple days after we held a super bowl party that he started showing signs such as vomiting and using the restroom.” Race was admitted to ICU with a 30-percent chance of living. “I don’t remember anything from that night,” recalls Race. The symptoms of Type 1 include excessive thirst, rapid weight loss, change in personality and frequent urination. None of these challenges slow down these two warriors. In fact they use these challenges to push themselves to new limits and to show that they can be just as strong as anyone else.  Race is no different than any other seventh-grader. He loves football more than any other sport, is a fan of the Denver Broncos and Texas A&M University and hopes to one day be an Aggie. Chase is in that position now, looking at what schools to attend after he graduates next semester, with Texas State, Mary HardenBaylor, Abilene Christian and Harden Simmons all in mind.  Whatever challenges may come, Type 1 will not slow these young men down. They will strive to accomplish their goals in life no matter what may hold them back. Chase Gunter and Race Zwieg are not just football players, but warriors. ! N E OP The Name You Can Trust... 1811 Ft. Worth Highway • Weatherford, Tx • 817.550.6790 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY NOVEMBER 2016 T I R E S • A LIGN M ENT • AUTOMOTI V E 35