Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 22

they worked on remote ranches in Northern California. They began the foray into Rodear after they sold a dog to a man in Oregon named Ambrose McAuliffe. “He saw us working with the dogs and he started using the dog he bought from us for the same purpose,” Merle Newton said. “He’s the one who put on the first Rodear competition and kind of made a game out of it. That was 12 years ago. It was the first Cow Dog Rodear competition and we assisted, but McAuliffe was the host and that was in Fort Klamath, Oregon.” Sheri and Jeffrey Matthews of Parker County are also heavily involved. Close friends with Merle and Sandi, the Matthews were excited to get started. “The Newtons are originally from Red Bluff, Calif., so they started this Rodear event on the West Coast and about two years ago they decided to leave California and move to Texas. Now they live two hours away from here in Grand Saline. They’re very close friends of ours and have trained all of our dogs. With them moving out here they brought this sport out here. They’re like family to us,” Sheri Matthews said. Sheri is from California and her husband Jeffrey is from North Carolina, having moved here in 2009. The Matthews have been using their dogs to work cattle for about 10 years. “We always thought this would be such a great sport for Texas because there are so many people that not only have dogs but that ride and have lots of stock involved in cattle or the cutting horses and everything, so we thought it would be a natural thing. When they [Merle and Sandi] got settled in their ranch this year, we started the competitions, and it’s been gaining momentum. We are so grateful Brazos Bash Open Champions Greg Coalson and his dog Lex NOVEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Absolute Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy 20 We offer over 350 compounded medications for your performance horse needs; including reproduction and clinical applications. 2005 Ft. Worth Hwy. • Weatherford, TX • 817-599-7781