Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 20

our sports: RODEAR Rodear— Not the Usual Dog and Pony Show BY ABIGAIL GIEGER Isabella working the cattle NOVEMBER 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY These “Lil’ Doggies” go beyond “Gettin’ Along” S ince Parker County is the Cutting Horse Capital of the World, it’s no surprise that the popularity of equine events including elements of cutting are rapidly growing here. Rodear is at the top of the list. A Rodear event combining elements of both cutting and herding was held in September at Silverado Ranch. The sport, though not new, is becoming popular in Parker County, attracting die-hard cutters like Bob and Nan Kingsley, Rosemary Atwood and Greg Coalson, with Sheri and Jeff Matthews both hosting and competing together. 18 Using both a horse and a dog, Rodear sporting events have become a new and fun challenge for anyone participating. “Rodear came from ranch work using the Rodear method of gathering cattle. Rodear means to circle or to round up,” Merle Newton, one of the founders of Rodear, explained. “Nevada cowboys say that when they gather up cows in a pasture when there isn’t a corral or pen, that’s what they call Rodear.” Merle and Sandi Newton have been working on ranches nearly their entire lives and used their dogs when