Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 14

PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY NOVEMBER 2016 tour ended, Mowery invited her to come and stay at the Mowery Cutting Horse Ranch in Parker County. Tucker took her up on it. “She came to stay a few days and stayed for three months,” Mowery said. “She came off the road and had some time to take off and just enjoy life. We planted gardens together. We cooked. She made wreaths. She &\[ܙYXB[[Y [XB[H[\X\H]\ BY&]]HB[]\H܈YH[۝ˈ]YBH]\\[\ܛZ[][[]8&\[ܙYXHYX[ HYHۙHو^HX\\]HHXKLH[Y]8&]H 8&HY\[XK'BX\][Y\YX\&\’[XH\H[[\H[]\]ۙH[ HYY\]X\'H\H]H\HHY K  KZ[ ][Y[]\B\ܙ[\[H\X\[˜HX]]Y[Z\و Z[ ][  Y[]\HYܝXK]^B\[&]XX[ \YܙH[XB\\Y[\Y]\Y[\BZY 8&]HYH[\\˸&HH]H\^H\[[\YH\قHY H\X]X\BKZ[Y[˸'BX\[[\H[\BHYHۈ݋ L 'H][&]]Z]BXYY]\ܛX][HY] 8'H[\HZY 8'BZ\H[H]۸&]H[ 'B'x&[H[ܝ\] 8'HX\ZY 8'Hۛ]8&\[H['B'\H\HX[H[YH˜ۜY\\YH\B[\\[JB\^HXۙYK'B$[XHX\YܙHH[XH\K]BY^H\\&HX[[ۋ8'H[\BZY 8'[XH\\ܛZ[ˈB\X\[H[X]]Y[