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entertainment at the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show and Rodeo. She rode a white horse and sang her heart out. The fans loved her. “Yeah,” Tucker recalls. “I was paid $8,000 for eight nights. It was a lot of work. But, a lot of people remember that. I have a lot of people that were always reminding me of that and bringing it up, so it was kind of a part of history for me. Fort Worth has always been that way for me.” At 15, Tucker was on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. The teasers read, “I’m Tanya Tucker and I’m 15. You’re going to be hearing a lot from me in the years to come.” Seems Rolling Stone was correct in its prediction. “We had to go to New York City, me and my dad,” Tucker said. “It was the first time I’d ever had a make-up team and hair team. I went to the spa. I remember thinking, ‘This is a lot of make-up.’ My dad was always right there. He was always overseeing things and giving me a lot of support.” Tucker switched record labels, going to MCA Records, where she racked up a succession of hits. In 1978, she decided to radically change her style and add rock overtones for her album entitled T.N.T. Tucker had come of age and was letting everyone know. It was solid gold by early 1979. Tucker starred in a feature film called Hard Country and then she made the switch to Arista Records in 1982, where she had several hits, including Feel Right, which made it to the Top Ten. That’s about the time Tucker and Mowery’s friendship began and it spans more than three decades. “We’ve been everywhere together — from the Kentucky Derby to cleaning out stalls,” Mowery said. “I met her when I went to the National Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City and we hung out together,” Tucker said. “As we got older, I really came to consider her home there (in Parker County) as my second home.” Mowery recalls when their friendship began: “I met Tanya in the early ’80s when I was Miss Coors Rodeo and she was dating a very famous bronc rider. We met at a rodeo and we started hanging out together.” The two women became like sisters. Eventually, Tucker set her friend up with a young cutting horse trainer who was a divorced dad with three little boys. “I already knew Rick, sort of, through cutting, but our first date was at Billy Bob’s,” Mowery recalls. “Tanya was performing there. She was almost my sister-in-law. She’d been dating Mike (Rick’s brother). Our date at Billy Bob’s — that was it.” Shelly married Rick Mowery a year later. In, 1986, Tanya had yet another hit with One Love at a Time. For the rest of the decade she scored a constant stream of Top Ten singles, including four number one hits. Tucker’s success seems to have no end. When Tucker lost her parents within a short time of each other she was touring. She had little time to grieve the loss of them. When her White’s Funeral Home Our family serving your family since 1908 NOVEMBER 2016 Full Service Funeral Home • Cremation Services • Pre-Need Plans Azle • Springtown • Mineral Wells • Weatherford • 817-596-4811 • PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Kari Drake, Andy Browning, Anita White, Ken Corzine, Bob White, Richard Woodman, Jillian Johnston, Bruce Duncan, Robert Sheffield 11