Parker County Today November 2016 - Page 12

PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY NOVEMBER 2016 didn’t have a lot of time with Robert Redford then, but she met him in a social setting a couple of years later. “I’ve got him on home movies,” she said. “Of course I met him later on at Billy Sherrill’s house when I was about 15. That was kind of another cool piece of history for me.” By the time Jeremiah Johnson was released in the U.S., in December 1972, Tucker was only 13 or 14, but she already had a hit Country Western record on her hands. Tucker had recorded a demo tape that gained the attention of songwriter Dolores Fuller, who in turn got it into the hands of record producer Billy Sherrill. At the time, Sherrill was the head of A&R at CBS Records, and he was 10 so impressed with the demo tape that he signed the teenager to Columbia Records. “There were two songs on that demo that I had done in Las Vegas,” Tucker said. “We did six songs on that tape including Proud Mary and I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry, and Put Your Hand In The Hand.”  One would guess that it was spectacular to grab the attention of Sherrill. “It was awful,” Tucker said. “But I guess he saw something in it. He was one of the greatest record producers of all time.” Sherrill initially planned for Tucker to record The Happiest Girl in the Whole UMЁ͕͡)ѡչ͔ѕф()ݸQՍȁɐ є)5ȁͥЁQQЁMܸ)I͕ѡɥȰѡ)ͽЁЁٕɹ)ѡչ䁍̰݅)́݅ѡɽ՝ѡQ)I̸)]Ё݅́ЁѼ̵啅ɽ \хȰѼ)хݥѠѡݡݽɱ݅э+q%Ё݅́ЁɐݽɬtQՍ)ͅq5䁑݅́ͅae׊eٔ)ЁѼٔݥѠdQӊe)͔ѡɗéЁɅ)ٔѼЁݥѠ%Ё݅ͻeЁɽ̸%Ё݅́Ё] @ɕѥ̸͡Qѥԁх)ݥѠ͔ݡɔԁe)ȁԁͥȁͽ̻t) аѡѡɔݕɔѥ́ݡ)݅́Ё+qQЁѥ$ٕȁɐ)ɕɑфݸ$݅)ͥȁéɅȁ͔)!ͽɥЁͥY̰)Ȁ܁ ͱȁхѥ݅)$݅́չѼ 5é͡)] @ѡ4!)݅́ɼѼ̸$ձЁɕ)ȁ 5ͅ她aQ́́)ѱɰչ䁵ͥ1ѕѼ)ѡ̻dЁ݅́фݸ%Ё݅)ɕи$ݥ݅́ɕȁѡи)!݅́Սɼ!)݅́ѡѥϊdѥѼѡ)Ս̸Q䁉՝ЁЁɅ)х́Ёdݸѡɽt)Q͔́5͔́ɥ)ѥɼѼȸ+q!éɕЁյt)QՍȁͅq!ɽ՝Ёͽ)ɥѕ%Ё݅́ Ք) Ё$eЁѡ$ձи$ѡ)ЁЁѼݡЁѼЁѼѼ)ɕɑt)%ѡ յ)Iɑ́ɥѼQՍˊé)եаЁѡЁeЁݕM)͕ͅѥ!ȁ͕)ͥ1ٗéѡݕȰЁѡ)QQѕȁȁݕ)ȁѡɐͥ]ӊéeȁ5e)9%Ё݅́QՍˊéЁɕɑ)ѼյȁЁѡ)ɥ̸M͍ɕݼɔ)ݥѠ Idݸ)ѡ]ձeԁ1ݥѠ5%)MѽQՍȁ݅́ѕ)хȸ)ɱ䁥̰QՍȁ݅́ѡ((0