Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 82

our opinions: ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT In The Comfort Zone Do you know who is on the other side of the door? A cautionary tale Brett Hobson Comfort is the most valuable home accessory. . y t i s eces n By BRETT HOBSON CEO Comfort Experts means that our background checks are completed by Pinkerton, a security company with 165 years of experi- ence. As a consumer it is your right to require any HVAC service person to at the very least be registered by the State of Texas. The Texas Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program regulates contractors who install, repair, or maintain systems related to air conditioning, refrigeration, or heating. On the website they state “The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) would like to remind the owners of homes and busi- nesses that contracting with an unlicensed individual for air conditioning and heating repairs can be hazardous.” I most heartily agree; however, people with a criminal background can apply for a waiver and still receive a license in Texas. In fact, one former technical school used to get most of its students from the Texas prison system. According to the recent study by the advocacy group Families Against Mandatory Minimums, educational opportunities within the federal prison system suffer from a glaring lack of trained instructors and a scarcity of classes. “No one ever fails any class,” said an inmate. “Everyone receives a certificate, whether you attend every class, study for hours, or just come in at the beginning, sign in, and leave. The certificates really don’t mean anything when you do it that way.” The survey found that nearly all continuing educa- tion classes are led by fellow prisoners with little teaching experience. Just who you want to let inside your home — someone with little or no technical skill and a criminal record. At our company, we hire for character and train for technical skills. Let the buyer beware before you answer the door and ask that service person inside your home. Make sure you’ve done the due diligence necessary to keep your family and your home safe. Call us Today. We are the comfort company. 817.335.3166 1412 Greenwood Rd Weatherford, TX 76088 TACLA20501C 80 t was an ordinary enough service call. A woman called for an air conditioner technician to fix her system, and at the end of the call she paid him in cash. The man noticed that the cash was cold. He returned later to rob and then murder her because he knew she kept her money in the freezer. When you call for a service person to come to your home, do you really know who is on the other side of the door? In this day and age, unfortunately, you need to be vigilant in who you allow inside your home. I don’t know about other companies, but I know that we wouldn’t allow anyone inside your home that we wouldn’t allow inside of ours. We have a very extensive interview process which means that we choose one of less than 100 people we interview in our twice-weekly mass interview sessions. Just to give you some idea of the care we take before we allow someone in your home, they are first inter- viewed as a group to see how they conduct themselves with something as simple as a group introduction. Then, if a question arises from one of the many, they can ask those in private. They then interview with two peer team members, two people who go out every day and service our customers’ air-conditioning and heating systems. We then meet management and the team members who are doing the initial interviews to discuss the pool of appli- cants to see who we want to continue to talk with. The potential employee then interviews with a member of senior management one-on-one. After this round, the pool is much smaller and we meet again as a team to discuss each and every one who was interviewed during the second round. After a candidate survives the interview process, we do a six-step background check that includes not only criminal background, but driving record, previous employ- ment, a drug test, employment history and education. We are also part of the Google Guaranteed Program, which I 81