Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 70

Dr. Herbel continued from page 52 have a similar pattern; we do surger- ies in the morning then clinic in the afternoon. It’s hard to say what I enjoy most.” The group even works on snakes and lizards, though those calls are rare. The group also provides board- ing services and can house up to 60 dogs at a time in large air-condi- tioned or heated pens, along with being turned out in the grass twice per day. They have a separate cat area that can hold 15 cats, as well as a large animal facility with 18 pens. Many of the large animals in resi- dence are there for artificial insemi- nation. The veterinarians included in the practice are Dr. Natalie Hansen, who has been with the practice for five years; Dr. Heidi Ritthaler, who has been with them for a decade; and Herbel. Two additional vets will soon be on board for this busy Parker County practice. They are open for emergencies 365 days a year. The clinic is open weekdays at 7:30 a.m. closing at 6 p.m. each day except on Tuesday and Thursdays when they are open late until 7 p.m. Saturdays they are available from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. North Central Texas and Parker County are such a great place to be, said Herbel. “There is so much popu- lation that’s moved in. I’ve trained seven vets that have worked for our practice at one time or another in a 30-mile radius. I enjoy teaching, but the practice is so busy right now. There is so much business in Parker County; there’s enough business for all of us.” David S. Irvin’s Positively Parker County Continued on page 76 68 The Eggleston family In 2008, Jack and Taylor Eggleston came to Parker County simply with the hope of starting their careers, as an attorney (Jack), and a teacher (Taylor). During the decade since, together they have built so much more. After meeting in college at Abilene Christian University and a short stint in Houston, Jack and Taylor moved to Weatherford where Jack began to build his law practice as a real estate and business law attorney at Eggleston King, LLP. Taylor, now enjoying her second career in raising their two kids Charlie (4) and Jet (2), taught high school and coached varsity in Mineral Wells for several years, building a successful volleyball program. The Egglestons have continued to build elsewhere. With the opening of Houston Place in downtown Weat əɐ)́፥ѕѼѡɕ٥хѥѡMՅɔ+q]Ѡȁ܁ɕхɅЁՍѥѡЁ]ѡəɐݥѠѡ́ͼ)䁽ѡȁɽչѽݸ'e፥ѕѼЁեɕݕɽѠѡ)MՅɗtͅq'eٔՍѼٔɕЁѹ̰ЁٕɔͼѼٔՍɅ)ѥٔݥMéѡՔѡЁ́ЁѽѡȻt)ḾՍѥ́ѡ䁍ݥѠѡ́ёȁѥ٥ѥ́Ʌٕѡɔٕ́ȁ)ձЁɽչѡѽé͔]Ѡɴչѥѡȁɕ̰ѡȁ䁅ѡ)չ䰁ѡѽ́݅ɐѼѥեѼե٥٥ոѡ)݅)Ё%٥)٥L%٥QAɅЁAѽɅ̰)́ѥɕ镐ѽɅȸ)%٥́ѽɅͥɕͥ́)مɥ䁽ɥѥ̰ՑѠ) ɽ́9I典!́ͼ)ɕ镐-́ѡѽ)ѽɅ́)ѡUѕMхѕ̸)%٥ѽɅ)х)ѡЁ]Ѡ)ɕݡٔѥ)Ѽɕ̸͕ͥ)Q͕ѥ)ѽ́٥L)%٥٥ͥ)ܹͥ٥)܁ͥ́չѥѡ݅)ɕ䳊tQȁͅq%ӊéɕ䁹ܻt)Q䰁QˊéɅѥ͕́)ѡЁ͍ɕ́)Aɭȁ չ䁙ɽեѕ)ѱѡɕ́ѡɥ̴)ѥɕ%ӊé͠ե)չ͕ѥ٥ɽ)ѡЁՑ́ͅ䁅͕ɥ丁%ӊe)ѥѼѠѡ͔)ѡɥȽɅȽݹȸ)]Aɭȁ չ+q ͔ѡ́́ݡɔ ͉)EՅѕȁ!͕́́ѕtQ)ͅq)ɽЁɕ)ѥɔ$ѽݡЁ$)$ɅՅѕٕЁ͍؁ͼ'eٔ)ٕЁѥ)ɕѥ̸͡$݅ѕѼ)ɔ$ѕѡ͔̻t)Qȁ́Ё)ϊdٕ́ѡ䁡ٔ)Ё̸+q$݅ѕѼѡ́Ё$e)݅ЁѼ݅݅䁙ɽѡt)ͅq5䁵̰ɕ䰁䁽)́́ե́)'eٔЁ́)ɝɥ́ȁ啅̸ Yѕɤ) !х́ݡɔ$ݽɭ)ɕٕȸ%ӊéɕɅɅѥЁ)ͼ́Ʌѥ)Qӊé܁ЁЁхѕЁ)Ѽѡ̻t)Qȁ̀́啅́)ɥեAɥȁѼ)Qȁե͕ٕ)ٕѕɥɥѹȁȁ)Yѕɥ!хȀ́啅̸)!ͼɅѥЁ Ʌ́Y)ȸQȁѥՕɽ(