Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 68

Dr. Cate continued from page 58 while we were working on their issues. In a lot of cases, the foster families would fall in love with the pet and keep them,” Cate said. In 2015, Dr. Gary Grote was involved in a serious accident that would eventually prohibit him from practicing. “I was friends with his son, so naturally I wanted to help,” Cate said. “We went in to help with the everyday operations and ended up purchasing Dr. Grote’s clinic in 2016. I wanted another practice and knew Weatherford would be a thriving business.” Cate’s wife was also born and raised in Weatherford. “We always knew we wanted to be close to our family,” Cate said. “Both of our parents Dr. Langevin continued on page 58 Holland Lake Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that welcomes both emergency treatment cases and pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. Langevin has years of experi- ence treating serious conditions and are close to us now, and we have start- ed our own family, so we feel we are where we \H\YK'B]HY[]\[\ܝ[ܛ˜]H[YHXH\Hۈ[H\B[H[Y\\Y[\ \[˜\X[H\][]\Y[ B\[\[ۘ]HX]Z[[[][[[[]\[\X[Z[ B[X[H[ۙH^KH\BXXX[\Y][H[H\[ LܘYK[\[][H^KH[ܚ]X]\ܙYX[[Y[Hܘ[K\[\ۛ BYH][[[H[H[[[™]X[ܚX]]\\H]š[\\[KH[[[HۛšYX]Y[]\[\X[\H[[[][]]\ˈ8'B]H^]\][[H[^BXYY\[YܙYK[H]HšYXH[\ܝ[H[\H[[BYX[\ˈ]\[\X[]HHYZXYH]K\HYHHXق[\]HH\Y[H^[YH[H\][\] [Y[X\›]XH[\H]ۈHXYX[\˸'B[H\Y8'Y\H\Bܜو]\[\HYYX[KX]\Z[KH[\ۈX\[YKB[]]\H^KXY\\›ۈH][Yx'B\]H]H[HYܙ]˜X]\Z[H[X[[\Y\]HH\HK^YX\[¸'ۙK'Bٙ\[Y[\][\\K^[ۙZ\\ \]H]\K^BXZHZ\[XYܝXKY BY[K[[K[\][[^[HZ][H[™ܝ\YY][Z\] '[H[[H][X[]H[YH[ˈ]\\]\\\H][\K^HX[H\]]\] 8'H[][ZY 8'B]HHY[Y\Y]\\ Bܚ[[ۛ]\[ۙHB[YK]8&\H[ۈY&]Y\\[܈ YX\[YB[HوH[XˈH[Y[YKBHHHH’HBHH'x&[]HB[ۙ^HB[]H[B\\܈YB\˸'B[[HBHH[]YY \[˜HY[[H]BHY[ [\\ۘ[[]YY[X\[YH][B܈[و[BY]YYHYHوHX܋ QB[][۝[YYۈYH L\XX܂HUHHVYX\\Z[\[K 8(Y\[[[H[Y]X[Z\[ۂLB\[۝ BQH[]YY[YH\XH[X[8([Y\ۈ8(X\H8([\8([؛ܛ8(]\H8(^[܈8([\H8(X8(X]\ܙ][8(\H\\8(]\[’\H\]\H^BLHKK M K MMNN L ͂NLMX\[]H8(X]\ܙ []YY[\B[XX[”\[] NB˙[Y\XY B JHYH\X[ۜ\K\XH[\[[ݙ\YXZ[[[H\Y\H\]Z\Y[ ٙ\[Yۈ] QH\XX܂\\\XYH]Y[ KǨ N[ KǨ N XX\ݙY[[Y[ܙY]]Y\H[[X[ \H Hۂ^[Y[X^HH\]Z\Y ^[\N\YۈH\\Hو M MM] LLHۈ^[Y[ [۝H^[Y[و LH] HT܈ [۝ˈ^\ZY []YY[\H]\[[]\H\\[[ܙX\HH[۝H^[Y[ XH[[[]Z[X[]B\HHX[\[YۛH]\X\][TX[\ˈ [\X][]HXܜ\\Y]H[]]ܚ^YY\HX[\YB[\]H HYX\̋ Z\ X]\Y\\ H\Z[\[KYHH[Z]Y\[H܈]Y\H\ ][]B\]Z\Y[]X[\܈]Z[ˈ8(X[YX\\&\\[X]Hو\ TH\M͎ P˂M L L MTUӑHшT LVTUSӔ”\\HH]Y\HX܈\Lܜ\\8([]H\YX\قY[YXZ[[[Hۈ\B