Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 6

I 4 t started when I was a very small child, watching reruns of “Gilligan’s Island” after school. I recall the precise moment when the thought occurred to me: “Wow! I wonder why Ginger and Mary Ann packed so much luggage for a three-hour tour? Good thing they did.”  From that moment on, for any excursion, trip, vacation, convention, camping trip, canoe adventure or weekend getaway, I have overpacked. The men in my life never understood. Example:  Boyfriend: “Why are you taking an evening gown and heels to canoe down the Colorado?” Me: “In case I’m marooned on a desert island and we decide to throw a cocktail party where we serve banana cream pie.” I recall going to New England for four nights after I discovered a $99-round trip that routed through Houston, as well as two other unmemo- rable airports. But, I couldn’t check my bags (don’t ask). But I was prepared! I brought 18 outfits, all with different foot- wear; some were boots (they needed to match).  Boyfriend said, “We are going for four nights. You packed for a month. What the …?” He said this as we raced through an airport in North Carolina to make our connect- ing flight. He carried 100 pounds of clothing and acces- sories for me (seriously, what a guy!). He weighed 143 lbs. “I like to be prepared,” I muttered lamely as he yelped in pain as one of my western boots gouged his thigh.  “What was that?” he groaned. “Did you bring cutlery?” “No, crazy,” I said. “That’s one of my brass-toed western boots.” “Western boots? To wear in Boston?” he said. It was obvi- ous that he was getting a little grumpy. Travel seemed to always make him grumpy those days. Go figure. Of course, I was carrying his bag that weighed all of five pounds and held a pair of khakis, a pair of jeans, four changes of socks and underwear, four shirts and a cardigan, a khaki set of swim trunks that could double as shorts in a pinch.  The sweater was something that he brought at my insis- tence, then he accused me of wanting him to bring it in case I got cold. “Yes, western boots,” I said with some defiance, then I edited my tone. “I just thought maybe I might go horseback riding with your sister.”  “She’s in Vermont,” he said. “We’re not going to Vermont.” “Well, you should have told me that before I packed my boots,” I said. For years I have carried an overnight bag in the trunk of my car. It’s packed with neces- sities like hair gel, curling iron, blow dryer, a spare lit ѱ)ɕ́̀ԁٕ)܁ݡɝ)х䁽ȁչɅ)ɕФ́̀)ɽԁɕЁ)ݽɭЁѡ̀ȁѡ͔)еєյ̴)̤ )]ٕȁͽ՝)ѡЁ$ɽ͡ձх)ͽѡЁՙЁ)չѼɽȁѡ)ɝѽЁ)Ёа$ɔ5)ȁѡЁͱ)ݕɥѡͅɅ)P͡Ё̰͕͡ͽ)ѕȁ͕ͽ$ѡ+q9t)Q́ȁɕ)5͡ ɽݸ)ѽȵ AՉ͡Ȱ)Aɭȁ չQ) ͥ́)M ͕ЁAɕ)1ѕȁɽQѽ)Q!UIMeLA4)Ѡ))Ѡ((()))))))ո)))))Ѡ())հ)()U8)=HQLI%MQIQ%=85=I%9<)Y%M%P]]\=MM 9QH=I)=H 10ܤ)))͐))P((((