Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 58

our professionals: TOP VETS Dr. Randy Langerhans I-20 Animal Hospital - Around the Clock Care For Pets accessible in times of need to every- T he I-20 Animal Hospital is helmed by Dr. Randy Langerhans, who has more than four decades of expe- rience with small animal medicine, surgery and emergency/critical care. His previous practice was on the west side of Fort Worth before head- ing west and establishing I-20 Animal Hospital in Hudson Oaks. Langerhans attended Texas A&M University and decided to focus on small animals instead of following his rural roots of mixed animal prac- tice. That was a fortuitous choice because he’s been a successful vet since 1975. He and his wife moved to Parker County in 2000 and it was natural for him to begin another practice here in addition to the one he had already established in Fort Worth. When he sold the Fort Worth location and stayed on as the medical director for the corporate owners, he saw that there was a need to establish an animal hospital that was open all day every day, much like a human hospital. “It allowed pet owners a quicker response, and we were more one locally as well as areas south, west and north of here,” he said. “It allows local and area veterinarians a closer facility for around-the-clock emergency and critical care as well as some more advanced diagnostics and surgery for their patients,” he continued. The hours of operation are what really set I-20 Animal Hospital apart. “We are truly a hospital for pets with 24-hour care for our patients whether they do or do not have a primary veterinarian. The doctors on staff have well over 150 years of experi- ence in this type of hospital setting as well as with specialists. We are able to provide support to our colleagues when they are not available to their patients or clients,” Langerhans said. Over and above the general services like wellness exams, vacci- nations, spay and neuter surgeries and allergy treatments found at most veterinary practices, the I-20 Animal Hospital also offers HD ultrasonog- raphy, digital radiography and boasts its own in-house lab. They t ɕ)Ȱѕ̰ѥ͕͕́)=A8Ё!=UIL)ѽ́хɕ͔Ё́䁙ȁɝ́ ɥѥ ɔ(ܴĴ)ɽ٥еݽɴɕѵи)Qȁɝ䁅ɥѥ͕٥)ɔ͕ѼՑ坕)եɅ͙ͥѡɅ̰ɅԴ)̰ѽ᥍ѥ̰ѕѥѥ̰)͹ѕ́ɥ̸+qQɔɔЁ䁍ѥ)ݔЁɕЁȁɔȳtͅ)1ɡ̻ )=ѡѡ́ѡЁ1ɡ)́хɥѡ͕ٕ́)́ѡȁչѥݥѠѡ)ѥӊéݹ̸́q])չєѼѡݹ́)չхѡȁɹ̳tͅ+qQ́́ݡݔݡЁݔ)é́ȁՕ̃P)ɽ٥хȁ)ѡȁ̀е̵䳊tͅ)ȸI1ɡ)ȸ)ȁAͱȸAѕȁMѕȸ)ɤ9)ȸM唁ɕȸ1Aѹȸ1̈́M)ȸ5ѡ܁9Ʌمѥ) ͡弁QɅ͙)IɽՍɕѹ)ȸ)́M幽ͭ!́ٽѕ!́1Ѽѡ)IɽՍѥեɕѹ)$х)Ʌ!ѡɔѵ́م)5ɤMЀ(́Ё]Ѡ!!Ցͽ=̰Q`)ɥЁ 弁QɅ͙ȁM٥́ѥݡ)́)M幽ͭ䰁Y4́Ѽ͕́ЁݽɬѼեѥQɗḛ́)ե̰ٕݡɔ)Qɽչ́ 弁ɔ͠ɕɕ͕)͔5剔ѡӊé͔ѡɽ䁥́ЁѼ͔PM՝)Qɕ Ո+q5䁙䁉՝Ёѡɽ䁥ѡ`̳t 弁=ݹȁ)ɽɥѽȁM幽ͭͅq ɔѡ͔݅́եлt)]ѡM幽ͭ䁙䁱ɹѡЁ͔݅́ЁѼ)չȁՍѥЁѼѡȁɽ䰁ѡݕɕeЁѥɕ͕+q]ѡ՝Ёѡ́ݽձ䳊tͅqQeɔиQ)͔́ɕЁȁѡɽ՝Ёѡ啅̻t)%Ё͕́ѡəЁȁݡЁ͕́ѥ䁅=币ѕȁ)͕̰ͽЁ)L)ȸM幽ͭ䁍ѥՕ((