Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 54

our professionals: TOP VETS Dr. Craig Sweatt North Texas Veterinary Hospital Pet and People Person Millsap Veterinary Clinic D r. Craig Sweatt has had his career planned out since he was 10-years-old. “Probably somewhere at about …10 when I got into 4-H, started showing livestock. My dad was a county agent, so I’ve been around livestock for quite some time, and I remember, an old vet working on a cow, that she ended up dying, anyway, but I remember that having a profound effect on me, and realized then that that was very interesting to me … It was always a done deal in my mind that that’s what I was going to do,” Sweatt said. Sweatt’s education took place entirely at Texas A&M, where he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science, earned his Master of Science in Animal Nutrition, and completed veterinary school there, graduating from the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. He’s been in practice ever since. He loves the work he does, not only focusing on the animal, but the animal’s person, as well. “I enjoy the variety in the things that I do. Not only do I get to work with animals, I’m actually working with the people. So it’s kind of a variety, plus, if you’re a people person -- I’ve never met an animal that carried the checkbook, so you’re having to work really Dr. Sweatt, Dr. McLeod, Dr. Hutchins well with the owner as well. It gives you the best of all worlds,” Sweatt said. It’s important to Sweatt that the people of Parker County know how much he and his colleagues care about what they do, and the dedication that goes into such a career. Dr. Sweat continued on page 108 Dr. Dene Herbel Millsap Vet Clinic - A Community Staple For Almost Three Decades Dr. Dene Herbel has been practicing veterinary medicine in Parker County for 26 years and can remember when he came here in 1992 that there were only six vets in the county. Now he guesses there are more than 50 to care for all of our animal friends. He was working in Wise County and took the leap to Parker County by purchasing the Millsap Equine Clinic. Wanting a wider variety of clients, Herbel changed its name to the Millsap Veterinary Clinic to better describe his practice which cares for dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats, pigs, birds, llamas, rabbits, and almost any other family pet you may have. Herbel’s proud of the business he has built over the years as it has become well established with a great reputation.  Like many local vets, he’s a graduate of Texas A&M University’s acclaimed College of Veterinary Medicine. When he purchased the practice, the clinic was 80 percent horse clients. Through the years, the practice has changed markedly. Now, with 72 percent of their cases involving small animals, it is a mixed practice, and that’s why Herbel likes it +qAɽѡЁѡ$ЁȁɅѥ́ѡ)مɥ䳊t!ɉͅqٕ䁑䁥́ɕи%ȁɅѥݔ)ЁѼݽɬٕѡPѡمɥ䁽ݽɭѱ)ѡѼݽɬЁѡѕɹ]) ѥՕ()9ݱ եЁ=ёȁ-́ȁ ɑ=ёȁ)ȸ!ɉ)ȸ!Iѡȃȸ ɕЁ5ɥͽ)ȸQ ٕȃȸ9х!͕)1ɝM5Mɝ(]є ձ15ͅQ`ȴ