Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 34

are born, transformed, we fly, we become an adult, and we pass on to the other generations and move on. And to where we go we don’t know, because we’ve never been there, and no one’s ever come back. Like the butterflies.” Jimmy is certainly philosophical with his work, using it to connect dots that often go unseen or are discovered the hard way. “As you go through your life there will be ‘crows’ and also ‘yellow birds’ in there,” he continued in mural speak. “The crows represent the tangled webs of darkness that we’ve gathered through our lives and we have to deal with it — such as the guy with drinks and the cigar in his mouth, and he’s got a big crow on top of his head. He’s using substances to overcome all those things that he just doesn’t take care of during life. He has to escape through alcohol and smoking for it to come to light and start getting rid of all those negative things in his life so he can move on.” Seeing things for what they are and responding in ways that reduce negatives and increase positives is at the core of this metamorphic tale. “It’s about enjoying being a balanced person,” Jimmy said. As for the murals themselves, the six existing are scattered between West 7th, the Cultural District and the River District. Jimmy’s first mural, Monkey Lisa, is three chimps on the east wall of Lettuce Cook at 5101 White Settlement Rd. It was completed Thanksgiving Day 2016 and is a take-off on the “Speak no evil, Hear no evil, and See no evil” monkeys. The trio of simians represent three aspects of an individual. The outside Discover The Beauty Of Maintenance-Free Edging • Eliminates black plastic • More durable than brick or stone edging • Dozens of patterns and colors to choose from Exclusive CD Offer Premium rate. Guaranteed return. 1 2.15 % 13-month CD APY 1 $10,000 Minimum Opening Balance 2 Ready to get started? To take advantage of this special offer, call us at 817.287.5780 or stop by your nearest LegacyTexas bank location. • Gives your landscaping the premium finish it deserves • Free, no-obligation estimates $ 100 Off Boulder Designs/Border Magic ® West Boulder Designs/Border Magic West Locally Owned & Operated When you schedule installation 817-375-9635 ® With this coupon. Not valid with other offers. Subject to minimum order. Offer expires 5/31/18 (1) APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Available as a standard Certificate of Deposit or IRA CD. Rate is accurate as of the date of this publication. Rates are subject to change until the CD is opened. After the CD is opened the rate will not change until maturity. Fees could reduce the earning on accounts. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Disclosed yields reflect monthly compounding only and are subject to change with different interest calculation periods. The standard FDIC insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership. (2) $10,000 minimum opening deposit must be funded from a non-LegacyTexas Bank account. (3/28/2018) 32 817-357-9635 10-Year Limited Warranty 33