Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 30

our community: REAL ESTATE Summer Move? Time to Start! By Maureen Griffin, Tara Stark Real Estate A Honestly Judge Your Curb Appeal. You know that old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover”? In real estate, buyers do just that. A stunningly updated house on the inside may never get seen if the immediate reac- tion from the buyer is, “I don’t know…” If you don’t think you can give an honest assessment of your property, ask a trusted relative or friend “What do you notice when you drive up to my house? How does it make you feel?” If their answer doesn’t include words like, “inviting, charming, stunning, welcoming, beautiful” it’s time to make some improvements. Make Your Curb Appeal “WOW!” You knew this was coming right after the judging part, right? So how do you get the biggest bang for your buck? Stark says the best way to save yourself time and money in assessing your property is to have a trusted realtor give you professional advice early in the process. “We tell people, don’t do any updates until we come out and look at your property. You may not need updated bathroom coun- tertops when a kitchen upgrade is more urgent. Or you may have to spend a bit more money having the exterior painted, but that refresh will be so impact- ful that the landscaping will just need to be tidied up. We help our clients get the highest ROI on their updates, so they walk away with the highest sales price the market will support.” Make sure your paint looks fresh, landscaping should be neatly manicured, and any distracting items should be removed. For the exterior, some- times using a pressure washer will do the trick, but if not, painting will earn you a solid return on investment. Make sure all shrubs are neatly trimmed, lawn is mowed and edged and any “junk” is removed. That word may sound harsh, but a good way to judge is “does this item serve a purpose?”; if not, it needs to be removed. Time to Clean the Inside – Every. Nook. And. Cranny If you’re wondering whether 28 Get a Qualified Pre-Approval Letter. Wait, aren’t we talking about necessary steps in selling our home? Yes, and unless you plan on paying cash for your new home, you’ll need to know exactly how much you’ll qualify for and under what terms. What tends to happen in our desire to move is this; we see a different home, that fits our needs and wants better than the one we have. We focus so intently on those amenities and how much better they will serve our daily lives. What is often overlooked is “can I affo ɐѼѡЁ)ݥ䁍ɕЁɕЁ)tMхɬɕ́́Ѽq)͕ݥѠՅ䁵ѝ)Ȱͽݡ́)ЁȁȁЁѕɕиQ)́ɔѡչյ)Ѽ͕ȁݥͅѥ͙)ѡѡ́́Ёѥѥ)ݥѠɽɔɽمѕ)ѡЁݥЁԁЁͥѥ)Ёѡȁѕѥ)ͼ她ѼЁѡ͔)݅иAɽѥ́ɔ͕)ե䁥Aɭȁ չ䁅)ɽչɕ̰ԁЁ)ɕɕѼȁݡ)ѡɥЁ́M)݅Ё͕́ɽ̰ٔ)͕ѡѥѥٔ)ݥѠɔɽمѕȁѡ)͕́ѡt)ɔԁɕ䁍չѥ)ݸѡ͍Ȱ)ЁٕѡѼ)ѼЁɕѼٔѕ)͍́ɑѼ)IѽȁQɄMхɬݥѠQɄ)MхɬIхєɽ-)]̰q9܁́ѡѥ)ѼЁ׊eɔ݅ѥ)Ѽٔѡ́յȸMɥ)́ɔٕѡ́ɕ)ѥհӊéѥѼЁ)ɕЁ͔ѡɭа)܁́ѡѥѼɕɔ)ٔt)AɕɥѼ͕͔)ѡ́͠)Ս͙հ͍啅Ȱѱ)Ք͕ͽȁ䁽ѡ)ѥ٥ѥ́ͽչٕݡ) ЁMхɬѕ̰q]Ѡ)ȁѥѕ)ɕхє́)ͥ׊eٔѡɽ՝ѡ)ɽ͕́ͱ䁅ٔ)ɔѥѼȁ)ɥѡյȻtM)٥͕́ݔхѡܴ)ѕ́ɕɥȁ)յȁٔ)́ɕ䁑ٕ)ͥɐٕͥ)䰁ٕ͕ͥЁȰ)ѡݕȁ̰ٕ́ݡ)̸Mѡ)ݔЁЁ݅)ݥѠݡ5́Ѽѽݸ)ȁ٥ͥЁͥ䁥ͻeЁѡ)ȁѼݽ܁ȸ)Qɔѡѕɵ́)!Ѡ%ѽȁѼ)ɕхɅݔ݅ЁѼٔ)ɽȁɽȁȁɍٕ)и=ѽѡɵ)䁑ɔѼ)ѡɽ՝䁍ɝ)ѡݥ聥̴ͥ)́ɥ̰Ʌݕ)ɑ̰ѡɽ́)э́͡ձɭ)ԁ͔ȁɅȁѽɅ)ɔЁ́Ёѥ)ݥѠѕ̰)͕ɑ̰ݥ̰)̰ٕ́́͡ձ)еɕͼɔѼٔ)ɕ͡䁍̰)ѕ䁅ݥ܁ɕѵ̸)Ё፥ѕȁeȁɔ)ѡ͔qѼt́)͕ٕݡ])ѡ䁅ɔͅ䁅ͽ)ѥ́ɕэȁՑЁ)ȁٕ̰Mхɬɕ́)Ѽѡɽ̸qA)ͬѡѥ́܁ѡ)ɥЁѥѼ%́ѡ́ѡ)ɥЁѥѼȁٔ)ݔٔ͡ЁЁѥ)ݡЁݔ݅5䁅ݕȁ)݅́ѡ쁹䁡́х)ݔeЁ܁ѡɔ)!ݕٕȰݡЁԁٔ)ЁݽɭȁԁѡЁ)ѕѥѼͽѡ)ѡЁݥIѕ́ɔѥѽɤ)䁱ܰɽѥ́ɔ٥)ݥѱ䁥Aɭȁ չ䰁)\ͼȁɕЁɽ)́ɥɭѕɥа)׊e͕ѼЁѼ)ѕȁи9܁́ѡѥѼ)ٔ9܁́ѡѥѼх)٥ѼѼѡЁ)MյȻt(