Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 16

“We’d like to create a platform for Star to speak. We’d like for people to first hear Star’s story and then see that she has a roadmap to fix things — not just throw money at it, but to actually fix things… to stop the perpetuation of it. The longer we wait, the bigger the problem becomes. She actually has a non-govern- ment solution,” he said. Enthusiasm for the CURE runs through the entire Hobson family, it’s not limited to Brett. “Everyone’s on board,” he said. “We’ve all dedicated time and energy and resources to seeing what we can do to help. Greg and I just spent five days in D.C. seeing how Hܘ[HܚHH[YKZ[B[\X\[\ܚˈ]\XH[›X]HHYXK]YH[Z[\YXH\BHX[H[^Y][8%^HY؛[B[Y]H8%]8&\]\]K]8&\[[[H܂[\][ۜ[[\][ۜYK'B]\X[H[ۛ8%Xܙ[\\\]H L [[ۈ[T‘ݙ\Y[[[\YX\([[ۙX[Y\X[[H\Z]H\Y[H NM(X] H\[و[X[[\Hܛ[\[]\\Y\¸( K XXY\\HXܝY]\HYX\(X] L\[و[XY[Y\\H[[\YY(وH[Y\X[\ۈ[][ۋ \[\HX‘SSPSSS PSPSQSQSX\]Y\[[\Y[Y\ܞH\X\ٙ\YY\H[[X[\X\[ˋY[X\SKT˂^Y[Y][ۘ[[\[Hٙ\YY]ۈ[[X[Y\ܜX\Y[X]Y]\H[[X[\X\[˂ܝXZ[Y]8(Z]H 8(X]\ܙ ^\ ͌ 8( ][]ۂM