Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 114

our opinions: CURMUDGEON MUSINGS The Last BY MARK BROWN Word Stuff and Nonsense Remember, “No good deed goes unpun- ished.” It is, in my opinion, one of the best quotes ever. H elp! We’re having an estate sale at our home ... Garage sales - Estate sales - Moving sales – Auctions. Call them what you want to, but they are actually just giant pains in the neck. So if you don’t feel bad enough already, phys- ically and mentally, and really want to torture yourself along with your family and friends... have one of these sales at your home and you are guaranteed to feel so much worse. You will need a doctor and a psychiatrist after the event is over. And that is another problem, I don’t believe that they are ever over. If you remember George Carlin at all, he had a great routine on everybody’s STUFF. Do your- self an ȁٕ́ٽȁeԁQՉ)и%ЁЁٔͅȁԁٕeЁ)Ѽյձѥи)eԁ͕ѕȁ٥ѡɽ՝ѡ́Դ)ձѥ$ٔեʹȁ԰qe)ѡЁȁյձѥ)MQUѡЁȁ她Ѽ)ɥлt)QA P)]ԁѼٔȁЁ)ѼЁɥͽMQUѡЁѡ՝)ٕ剽é̃qɅM]()]eɔ͕ȁMQU䇊t)ɝЁаЁԁЁ͕ͽ)ȁչЁԁѕ䰁$ѕ)ݥЁ䁵)%ѕɅͅЁ䁑ݸɽ)ɝՍЁЁոٕȁԸ$ɽ͔)ѡЁԁݥѡ͕ٔͅͅ)Ёѥ)]ͼѡѥ́ɔeԁٔѡ)ͥѼٔM܁ݡ)eԁȁɥѹȰ͔)ݡٕȁԁѥѼ԰Ѽ)Ѽݡɕٕȁ׊eɔѽɥѡMQU)Qӊéݡѡɕѥٕ݅́͡ȁԃP)ѡɕѥѡЁ׊eɔи)]ɔѡ́MQUɽ)!ɔ́Օѥȁ԰܁ѽɅ)ե́ԁѼɕ%ӊéɔѡ)ԁɕ䁡ٔɽ)=͔́ɕѽ䰁)ԁٔɅ$ѡɕͼ'eє)ՅѼɥєѡ̸)M܁ѡЁ׊eٔѡɽ՝)ՙ܁ԁٔѼɥаݡ́ձа)͔ݥ݅́Ѽ͕ٕѡȀ)̸)eԁ䁑̰ԁͥЁ݅Ё)Ѽ݅ȁeԁѡ́Ȁȁ̰)剔̸Qԁٕȁ݅ЁѼЁ)5䁅٥EեЁ她ՙEեЁ齸)EեЁЁѼѽȁԁѡɅ)ЁeЁ丁 她́ѡ՜ɥ)AձÁݽձ!ɕѼ ե)=ёȁMх䵍ѥѥѥ)]I]%99%9A==1L9MAL1UaUId=UQ==H1%Y%9MA L =5A1QA==0I9=YQ%=9L% QMIY% Q4)AM9́Q եȀԁéIչ ѕѼፕ)ܹձ)!=5=% ԁх̈́ ِЁ]ѠQܴ̀̃ش)AI-H =U9Qd=% āЁ]Ѡ!七!Ցͽ=̰Q̀܃̴ܴ