Parker County Today May 2018 - Page 110

Dr. Langevin continued from page 66 thing that I’m so blessed to have it. They are fantastic people and I don’t think you can get [better] service anywhere. The little things go a long way in service. It’s all about how you personalize it.” One way they personalize your experience is by providing informa- tional articles on their website on multiple topics to help owners with specific cases involving their pets.  “I try to personalize vet work and Dr. Sweat continued from page 52 “I would like them to know that we practice high-quality medicine, that we put a lot of stock in being the most progressive practice that we can be. That we genuinely do care. We get up in the morning and look forward to coming to work, and we realize that we want to be the best doctors that we can be. This isn’t just an eight-to-five job for us; this is a lifestyle we take very seriously, and so ... we put a lot of stock into trying we have a lot of specialty cases that come into the clinic. My goal is to do weekly articles and cases and post them on our webpage,” Langevin added.  Holland Lake Animal Hospital has a veterinarian and personnel on duty six days a week who are trained and equipped to handle both life- threatening and non-life-threatening care. They don’t do a lot of emergen- cies, but have a good relationship with a clinic close by that does.  Right now, Holland Lake Animal Hospital is getting ready for their move into a new facility across the street. At press time, the goal was to be moved into the new location, 1320 Santa Fe, the last week of April. Langevin said the grand opening won’t be until July so he can get the “kinks,” out before everyone comes out to see the new facility. With the already easy transition from one owner to another, it’s safe to say that the kinks will be few to none. to stay the most current, [providing] the most high-quality medicine for their animal, whether it be regenera- tive medicine, or preventative medi- cine, or emergency medicine, we try to provide the best that we can,” Sweatt said. A mentor of Sweatt’s gave him an invaluable piece of advice, which Sweatt has carried with him to this day. When Sweatt was thinking about becoming a veterinarian his mentor spoke to him. “He asked me, how bad did I want it? I said, ‘Well, I want it.’ He said, ‘Well, close your eyes.’ And I did, and he said, ‘Do you see your vision coming true, and is it in color?’ And I said, ‘Well, yeah.’ And he said, ‘If it’s in color and you see it that plain, then that’s what’s going to happen. Just don’t lose sight of that.’ … I used that piece of advice often, to see it in color .. and I use that to this day with people that job-shadow me, and I certainly give credit where credit is due to my mentor, because I didn’t come up with that, but I use it.” L a p A JANA STIDMAN is well versed in Dallas-Fort Worth neighborhoods and lives happily in Fort Worth’s Lost Creek community, where she co-hosts the podcast Project Real Estate. Heritage Park — Weatherford, Texas Benefiting Chandor gardens expansion project Vote for Parker County Today’s TOP POP! Sponsor, Volunteer or be a Vendor: Call 817-913-7300 Follow us: ALEDO EXPERTISE Get your complimentary comparative market analysis today and find out what your home is worth JANA STIDMAN Sales Associate 714-394-3114 FATHER’S DAY H JUNE 17, 2018 If you’d like to know what today’s market conditions mean for you, or if you are looking for an expert to help put your property on the world stage, give Jana a call. She would be happy to assist with your real estate needs, whether buying or selling. O 108 Jana is a seasoned marketer whose client- centric approach to real estate goes well beyond the sale. She helps her c )ɥѡ́ݹ͡))ͼ́ЁȁͥѼɽٔѡٕ)́ѥɍх)ٕ䁡ɅͅѥѼѡЁ!)Qɕ͍Ք5Q̸!ȁͥ)٥ѕ́Ѽȁٕ͕٥)ɥɔѡ؁啅́ɽٕѥ͔)Ʌѕɭѥѽȁɔ)Q!IL5%1%LU8(