Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 99

our taste: RESTAURANT REVIEW Short Chef Coffee House & Bistro — Behind the Red door is culinary goodness BY THE WEATHERFORD FOODIE Jalapeño and Cream Cheese Burger. The Gut-buster Sandwich has turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, mayo, pesto, pepper jack cheese, Swiss cheese and extra-sharp ched- dar cheese served on jalapeño bread. Their desserts tend to be pretty spectacu- lar as well. That day they were featuring dessert crepes. The dish consisted of three handmade crepes that were feather light, golden brown and topped with strawberries, chocolate and whipped crème. Scrumptious. The portion was plenty for two to share. The Towson Reuben Sandwich is one of the favorites and is on house-made bread, completed with a cup of soup or chips. Named after Parker County District Judge Craig Towson, it’s a traditional Reuben sandwich that will melt in your mouth. In addition to all the goodies you can enjoy while you are there, they offer Quick Chef and Family Chef meals to go so you can enjoy tasty chef-made meals at home. Photo by Steve Schillio Locally owned and operated by co-owners Heather Jundt Bullard and Jennifer Lundy, they began catering in Weatherford in 2013 and opened the Bistro riving down College Avenue one sunny day, I couldn’t help but in early 2016; I think they have a winner notice Short Chef Coffee House & Bistro. The inviting exterior drew me in to investigate what lies inside the red on their hands. With the addition of Laura door. Once inside, the color makes perfect sense, since the Short Chef is Tuley as director of business development, together they have won numerous awards a redhead.  for their flavorful fare including Awards We walked into a large sea of tables for two, four and more, making from the Taste of Parker County and Parker it perfect for an intimate event. The east side wall has large windows bathing the dining room in natural light. Everything you see is for sale. If County Today’s 2016 Chef of the Year, as well as others. you just love the table, couch, artwork, etc., you can buy it and take it I feel at home and very comfortable with you! every time I visit and you will too. The south wall is embellished with a mural — painted by Janie Davis — that beautifully represents Weatherford’s past and present. You cross Short Chef Coffee House and Bistro is the carpeted floor and approach the counter to chat and place your open Tuesday through Saturday 7:30 a.m. order. I ordered a Café Latte; they have a book for regular customers and unti œ Kۛ^XHHZH] ^H\[[ۈܙ\YXYXK^B\H]Y] LYH][YB^H\ۘ[]ܚ]H\H\Z][ܘ]K]HH\^B[X]\ܙ[[HXXY]HY[\\[YHYY][Y8%X]\Y B MMNM M [B[[Hۂ\Y\KYYYYYX[[YY[\p[8%[^B]\ܙX][ۜY܈XXܝ B\[[ۈY[Z\Xۈ[Yˈۈ\\]Y BYٙYK[B[[™[[H]˂[Y\YH^HXHوܘ[XYY\Z[^HYYܝYܙX][ۜ˘KX[\XH[HYY[\p[YY^\H[HXHH\KHܝ[ۜ\H\H[\\܈]\][ˈH[YYBܘ[H HXH[\]]HH[[[ۈ]\Y][H[\X]\ܙYH[H[]X]\ܙYKQKH[HH\]Y[\Y\\H[]H[YYH[YYH[ۈXX]\[Yܘ[KY[ \[ۋ\]X\H[[\\ M