Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 82

The Jerry Durant Philanthropy Award — Amy Jones An LVN by trade, Amy Jones is a partner in the commercial construction firm Imperial Construction Company and a mother of two. She leads a very active life, but that doesn’t stop her from working hard to pursue charitable endeavors as well. One of her favorite charities is Parker County-based Careity Foundation.  “This last year is the first year I worked with cancer because of the cause. I lost my aunt to cancer two weeks ago. Cancer is something that touches everyone’s life,” Jones said. “My husband lost his dad and his uncle to cancer two years ago. I believe in their cause. I love the fact that Careity is involved with the NCHA and so am I. It’s a cause that’s near and dear to my heart.”  She is also involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, inspired by her nephew’s disease. To chill, she goes horseback riding, is an avid cutting-horse enthusiast; she also competes as a cutter. Jones has worked with her husband Jeff Jones since the inception of Imperial Construction 17 years ago. They work well together. “For the longest we didn’t really work side-by-side,” Jones said. “I handled all the marketing and business development. Jeff is a big multi-task- er and the company was growing to the point that he was about to pull out his hair. That’s when I transitioned over to a new position, working side-by- side with him. I don’t have a title yet. We’re working on that.” Her vision for Parker County? “I love the growth in Parker County,” Jones said. “I think that with all the growth there will be more and more opportunity for charitable work. I hope more people will step up to the plate. Jerry Durant has set such a great example for young business-owners.” Mac Curtis Musical Innovator Award — Katy Keenie 80 Katy Keenie is a Canadian born and Texas raised country music artist who has lived in Parker County since she was four-years-old. A graduate of Tarleton University with a degree in marketing, Keenie moved back to Parker County and began to further her music career. Keenie is currently endorsed by Rios of Mercedes Boot Company and Icehole Coolers, and a spokesperson for Nextlink Internet and Phone Company. “It’s an honor to be a part of such a wonderful company with great values,” said Keenie. For her, her greatest accomplishments include winning “Bob Kingsley’s Future Star Contest”, being on every major radio station in the country, and performing in front of the top radio executives in the country. Besides that, she also considers having her son, Mason Gerber Merrill, one of her greatest accomplishments. On top of her music career, Keenie is also on the CPS Board in Parker County, on the Board of Directors for the Parker County Executive Association and a board member on the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce. “My love for Parker County runs deep, and I continue to try and stay involved as much as I can,” said Keenie. She just finished writing a song with Radney Foster, and is continuing to write with other great artists.