Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 80

Continued from page 65 Jim Duncan Regal Realtor Award — Tyler Burden
 Lubbock-born Tyler Burden, 27, graduated Brock High School in 2008 and returned to the Panhandle to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Tech. Now, back in Parker County, he works for Century 21 Judge Fite Company. September will mark four years in the field for the young realtor.

 “I’ve repeatedly received quality service awards from my clients, and that’s something I really take pride in,” Tyler said when asked about accomplish- ments. “And for 2014, 2015 and 2016, I was awarded by my peers (some 70 agents) as being the most helpful agent in the office, and that means a lot to me, as well.”

 Tyler, one of Parker County Today’s Bachelor of the Year candidates last year, is active in the community and local charity work through Stars and Strides Stables and the Weatherford Community Action Network, of which he is a founding member. He is also a member of the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce Young Business Leaders.

 Asked about the award, Tyler said, “Jim Duncan is the one I look up to in the industry, so I’m honored to receive this award. He’s always been someone who will help in any way he can, and he has helped me a lot.” Ric Williamson Innovative Giver Award — Britney Thompson 78 Hailing from Bossier Parish in extreme Northwestern Louisiana, Britney Thompson moved with husband Jon to Hudson Oaks in 2007. Jon works for Ben E. Keith, currently as general manager of the Fort Worth branch. The Thompsons and their two children — Abby, 14, and Boyd, 11 — currently reside in Aledo where three years ago they built a home. Britney’s “day job” allows her to be a stay-at-home mom. “I teach CrossFit for kids,” she said, “and my job at CrossFit Aledo is just about perfect.” (Just for the record, she said she loves her job “immensely.”) She has been involved with the popular core func- tional movement activity for six years. Britney is also involved with Aledo Adocats. Every year she adopts an entire tree-worth of angels FV&v旦W26VGV&W'2FFBFRvV06VBvBW'666Ɨ6VBƖfR6P2&VFW7Bb6R6BW"'&vR( 'fW6ǒא'&vR( '&FW6B( Ğ( fR&VV'&VBrV'2BFB2VFR66Ɨ6VB( 6R6@'&vRFW2v&B66WVVFǒF琧VRVvV7BFV"'&vRFRFvR6W6VBf֖ƖW2B66WGB&vR2ǒF6V"'&FW6fVFVW'2FR6&7N( 26VW'2ЦW'v&2vFR66VB7GVFVG2r7W&PFWVWWFR( R( 6FRbVGV6F2vV&Vr֖FVBf"FR&2vƖ6v&Bv0( WBbFR&V^( BbWW&V6Rf"'&FW6P6B6RfVV2VFR&VBFfR&VVFVvBb@