Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 75

their diet from your feeders while also providing you hours of peaceful entertainment. Add a few bright and colorful nectar feeders for humming- birds as well, then sit back and relax as you look for and listen to the signs of nature. Look for parent birds and their tag- along babies to visit feeders and bird baths. Seek out the owners of the melodic songs and chirps from feathered neighbors. Marvel at the bright yellows of goldfinches, deep reds of the house finches and sweet raspberries of the purple finches as summer brings out their brighter colors. Discover the owners of the woodpecker’s rat-a-tat against the trees, and enjoy the antics of the little chickadee. Open up the viewing panel of a bird house and discover the growing family. Watch as parent birds fly to and fro, then take note as hatchlings become fledglings and try their first flights, all in your backyard. Provide fresh water in a bird bath Flower Moth for drinking and bathing, and discover even more bird species that may not frequent bird feeders. See if all of this doesn’t drop a few blood pressure points! It’s these sights and sounds of nature that allow us to begin to relax and decompress without having t ][[]\H[ܙH[\\ۂX\)[]8&\H]HܙX]][ܝ\]\H^K