Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 64

Continued from page 26 Mary Martin Performing Artist Award — Lili Froehlich Peter and Valerie Froehlich’s daughter Lili began her journey to the Broadway stage at the age of 3, when she began taking dance lessons from Holly Streiff Lee at her Weatherford studio. Today, Lili Froehlich is a member of the Broadway cast of “Cats.” Her dance instructor knew immediately that young Lili was a child with extraordinary talent.  “She had so much talent,” Lee said. “That was obvious working with her when she was just 3.” Of course, as we say in Parker County, “She came by it honestly.” Her mother is a gifted dance teacher. After 11 years studying with Lee’s dance studio, Lili went on to study with Diana West at the Diane Clough West Dance Studio. She went on to perform at Casa Mañana, attend the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, and graduated in 2009. She then went on to the prestigious Otterbein University of Musical Theatre.  At 7, she landed the lead in “Petito’s Story,” a produc- tion by Imagination Foundation that was performed at Bass Hall. It was Lili’s first professional role. When the show closed, Lili cried. Her mother asked her, “Lili, what’s wrong?” She said, “It’s over.” “Oh Lili, this is only the beginning,” Valerie told her. In 2014, Lili landed a part in the Broadway Tour of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” before going on to a part in “Cats the Musical” on Broadway that opened last May.   “‘Cats’ is one of the most demanding Broadway productions a performer can be in because they require you to learn five or six roles,” Lee said. It’s also one of the most prestigious. Lili’s grandmother, Merry Margaret Froehlich, was an opera singer and obtained her Master’s Degree in voice from Columbia University. “That’s where Lili got her pipes,” Lili’s mother said.  Lili, 26, is working to build her career, but she still takes time out of her hectic schedule to devote time for a good cause. As we write this she is performing in the char- ity production of the “Easter Bonnet,” benefitting perform- ing artists who are battling AIDS. She is also involved with the charity Artists Striving To End Poverty.  Like Mary Martin, Lili Froehlich is more than a bril- liantly talented actor, singer and dancer. She is a woman who works to ease the burden of others while she makes the world a little brighter with her great talent. Serving Parker County for over 60 years 62 Our goal is to serve every family as if they are a part of our own. Photo by Megan Parks Norma Plowman | Misty Plowman-Engel | James R. Plowman 913 N. Elm St., Weatherford, TX 76086 | 817-594-2747 | 800-593-2747 | New Location Now Open: 4941 I-20 Frontage Road | Wil r&Escp