Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 61

Congratulations, Natalie Waskel 2017 Jean Bryan Magnificent Marketer Award Winner Natalie Waskel- Marketing Manager to create. “It’s tricky to have your own style without being derivative,” he said. “My style is different enough and the editor likes it. For the Simpsons they have several artists who do different styles. It’s a trend I’ve noticed lately.” For some comics like Garfield, DeGrand draws based on a preset story line. But when it comes to SpongeBob and The Simpsons, DeGrand does more than draw the character, he creates the story and writes the copy. “Writing can be intimidating,” he said. “Especially The Simpsons, something I hold in such high esteem.” When he’s in need of a fresh set of eyes and ears, he calls in his 5-year-old son, Alex, to test his copy and see how he can improve it for a younger audience. DeGrand and his wife, Kathy, live with their two sons in Weatherford. The couple met while in high school and worked together in the old movie theater formerly located in the Weatherford square. His next artistic venture is writing and drawing his own graphic novel. “I’m combining my love for cheesy monster movies and goofy cartoons and my love of B movies,” DeGrand said. “I’m pulling a lot of my interest into this story idea. I’m writing it right now. Then I’ll tweak, draw and color. It will be at least a year until it sees the light of day.” 59