Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 6

A Letter From The Editor United Airlines & The Big Bumping Debacle The 4/11 on Flight 3411 A 4 fter Islamic extremists hijacked those commercial airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11, a phrase became popular, one that quickly morphed into a common joke. It went, “But then the terror- ists have won.” It was handy to attach the phrase to the back of any sentence —”We could save a lot of money by staying home and doing the ‘stay-cation’ thing, but then the terrorists have won.” There you have it all — a ready-made quip and a somewhat humorous reminder that we’ve moved on, a little sadder, but we survived (except for the almost 4,000 innocent people who died in that senseless act of mass murder) and that now we can joke about it, even after a great national catastro- phe. It’s stopped being funny, because now, the terrorists really have won. It took those murdering religious fanat- ics 17 years, posthumously, to do it, but in a profound sense, the terrorists of 9/11 have finally won. They’ve managed to take away our human decency.  That realization hit me like a ton of bricks as I watched a video clip of 69-year-old Dr. David Dao from Kentucky being dragged off United Flight 3411 last month because he had purchased a ticket and felt entitled to fly to his destination. Some commentators have said that because he was a doctor that he felt supe- rior and entitled, that he refused to accommodate the airline by getting off the plane. I don’t think so. I believe Dr. Dao felt that because he had purchased a ticket from United that it entitled him to fly home with- out being assaulted. I think that Dr. Dao felt like many of us — tired and fed-up with the bullies and the incompetents of this world and likely thought, “No, I’m not getting off this plane. It’s not my fault that United made a big blunder.” He probably felt that he had things to do and people to see, so why should he get off t H[H[ZHH]\Y[\HX]\HH\[[B[XY˂[\ܛ[[\˜[YY܈] [&\][X]Y[\H\[وH\[ۈو\XB[H][[\H [ۙ]\X]]\H\[\K]]8&\[\[[H]Y[ۂKLK܈H[\ Z\[\]BX[ۙYYܝXZHZ[B]]H^\Y[H܈Z\\KB\[Z\[\YY\X[Y\H]]YH]\ۙ\\[\˜\]H]Z\\[][ۈ[]H^B[Hܘ]Y[HZ\[H[]Y8'\\Y] HY\\]˸'HH[\]\BXYHHZ\[H[\H[BY\X]وKLH]H\Y[]]YHو[Z[]\X[[] Z[[KLH[Y\XK\™ۜY\ٝ[ ٝ[ܙY\KYܙH[H][]X\[\[B[x&\H[\YHHY[]\HܛHZY]Hٙ\[ۂ[]X[Y\[\\˜X]\HHY\\^H]B[Z\؜\]^H][X\B\ۙH[[Z[X]H][\˂\[[ۙH[HX[[Z[ۈH[Y\X[Z\[H\˜XX[H[[H[Y[X\[Z[\[Y[\H]ܙHœ\[X[H][HXXBH]]HY]\˜X[[HX[H[HBY[HY\و[]YX]\HBYY[X\XX[H\HY[KX[[][[[Y[X\Y]Y]\۸&]܈\[\^B[&]]HH؈][ K[H[YHو]X[\[Hܛ[X[HܜYZ[šXY[\\H[XYHوH[XB܈Z[YY[ۜ[\›]وH[Hx&YYHX]܈\\[]8&\[][›[[Y\X[ˈ[\XK\\š]8&\[\HH^H[HYKšۛ”\Y[ۘ[[\ܚ]KB^Y[]YZ\[\&H\ۜH‘[&\Y\[\[X\B[H[[[\Y]]H[Y]\[ H\Y[ZYBZ\[x&\X]Y[وZ\\Y\\8'ܜXx'H[]HZ\[B[]H\\[ܙX\YB[[X[ٙ\\Y\[B\[HX]HH[K[XYق[\HܘK^Hٙ\Y[H[ X\[X\[H]\\HBܙX][[]K\Y[[\H[Y]\[ 8'[Hۛ\x&\H[]Xx&[H][›ٙH[H \[\K^B[]HۙH\Y\]š\[[H^K8&[x&\H][ٙH[K8&H]\\XK'BY\\]\˂\\HYۘ[وH[ق\Y\\XH[H[وB\H\H[H^H[\[ۙ^H[Z\[H]HX\ۘXH^XKB[ۈ]^x&[H[HYH[[x&[\]HY[K[H[Y[H\ B[ۈ][[\Y][Z\Y B[XH[[\H[[•H]X[]H\]HZ\[B[X\[H]H[H[Z[X]Y ][HYYٙH[K[]B[HHۘ\[ۋXZ[\K[ۛ][\۝Y] [[Y[[۝YX]HX][H\^YY8'[Z\و[]KBY[8'H[X]HHZ\[B[x&]HZY[ۙ^HHۋY[[[\KBZ\[x&\S\][ދXYHB][Y[ \YZ[HX]Y[ق۝[YYۈYH