Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 51

PCT: How did you get into this business? RP: I wanted to be doctor since 5 th grade. I knew what I needed to do at an early age. Being an oncologist is not that difficult to do. You just study very hard and gradu- ate at the top of your high school class, so you can go to the best college and major in the sciences; you graduate in the top of your college class so you can go to medical school; you graduate at the top of your med school class so you can get into the best residency possible, where you work 100 hours a week; you excel in your residency so you can get into the best fellowship in the world at M.D. Anderson, outwork all your peers and become the chief fellow; so 17 years out of high school you can begin practice as a cancer doctor. PCT: What have you learned in pursing your field? RP: Aside from all my formal training, it is my patients that have taught me the most … about living life, the meaning of life, and dealing with adversity. PCT: What advice can you give others who may want to follow in your footsteps? RP: Don’t ever give up in following your aspirations. Emmitt Smith, #1 NFL rusher, in his 15 year career ran over 10 miles on the field. He did it running 4 yards at a time, being repeatedly knocked down by guys twice his size. PCT: What is your back up job if you weren’t