Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 49

I t was a normal ho-hum Saturday in March for Christy Peck. Her alarm clock went off at 7 a.m., she ate break- fast with her cat, Boots, then headed to work.  “I love going to work because I have been a little lonely lately. I live alone in a big house. My roommate of over three years moved out, and the house is just too quiet,” she said. However, Saturday, March 25, was different from the rest. That Saturday, the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter was holding an adoption event on the patio of Baker’s Ribs, where Christy works. She knew walking in that it was going to be a very busy day, and she welcomed all the customers’ conversations about all the excitement outside. In walked Brenda Bruce, the volunteer organizer of on-site adoptions. She had booked Baker’s Ribs patio weeks before.  “We have every weekend booked through May 31 st, 2017,” Brenda said. “ We set up dog adoption events all over Parker County, guaranteeing more adoptions take place.” Christy worked her register shift all afternoon, and just before the volunteers were going Ѽٔ͡ݕ)͕ѼхЁѡ̸q$͕ɕѱ䁉)ѡЁѥ$Ёٕȁѽѡ)ѕt͡!ȁ́ѕݕЁѼ)ѥհݡєѡ͡ѕȁqՑw +q$ݕЁѕЁѽѼхд)丁!ٕ$ձ́ѥݽձ)Ёٔͥt ɥͅ +qՑtɕ䁉ѕɕɕٕ̰́͡)͔Ʌ݅́ɼٕݥѠ)ѡɭ́ٔ ɥѡ՝ЁѡЁЁ݅́Ё)ѼЁ + q$݅ͻeЁѥѽ$)ٔѡɕ䁙ȁt ɥͅq'eȰ)$eЁͥ́ѡ今t+ ɥ䁹ٕȁȁݡЁи)ѱٕɡɐѡٕͅѥ݅́͡٥)ݥѠ ɕѕѽ ɥѡЁѡq)Ёȁ԰ԁх$ݥѡ)ѥw )ɽ́䁅ͼɕѼ䁄ѣéݽѠ)ѼЁՑѼѡɥЁ ɥ䁍ձ)ЁЁ䁱ȰЁѡЁЁ͡)ѼЁ)Qٽչѕ́Ցչѥ ɥé͡Ёٕ݅́ȸ)Mɕѡ́Ѽٕ役ѡ)ȁ ɽЁݕЁM啐ݥѠ)͹՝ȁٽɥєȰ͡ݕ́)ɐѡ՝ЁѼ͕qeԁɔ)ЁՑ今w )QӊéݡՑɵ䁉 Ց䰁ѡə)ȁȁхЁٕ ̰ȁа)ɹѼٔЁаȁЁ)!ȁ́ɔ܁ٕəݥݥѠٔхȁ Ց)ٕݡɔ̸͡Mѡȁݽɭѡ)Ʌȁ )1՝ѕȁ́ɕɹѼȁѡɴ)qՑtݡȁЃq Ց今t)]ѡəɐAɭȁ չ)Mѕ)ͬ5)))٥Q)L) )) )(ĸԁ5)ѼɽٔQ]A L)ѡȁͅ٥̸)ݕѡəɑ๝)輽ܹ]A (́!1]ѡəɐQ`؁ܴ)є)ݕѡəɑ๝ؽ(ѥ́ɔхՍх(