Parker County Today May 2017 - Page 16

our events: PC’s YOUNG LEADERS PCT Presents The 2017 Honorees for Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes? Roger Grizzard Innovative Educator Award — Marie Hernandez

 Crockett Elementary Principal Marie Hernandez hails from Kansas City, MO, but for the last eight years she’s been happy to call Parker County home. She’s in her 10th year as an educator/administrator, six served in the class- room and the balance as assistant principal at Hall Middle School and Curtis Elementary here in Weatherford. Marie is in her first year in her current posi- tion.

 Marie gives back to her community everyday as she strives to facilitate local education. “We do whatever we can to meet the needs of our kiddos and their families, whether it’s providing food for their families or helping kids with clothing,” she said. “It’s so much more than just learning the core content — it’s about teaching them to be productive citizens who are going to be the future leaders. … We really try to focus on educating the whole child. …”

 Asked what accomplishment she is proudest of, Marie said, “I definitely think being able to get into an administration role. In the principal role, I feel like I have the ability to make a bigger impact on the kids at our school and supporting our teachers. They’re the ones in the classroom working with kids every day.”

 Concerning the award she said, “Oh, wow! That’s awesome! I think that’s a pretty neat honor, for sure.”

So do we. Jerry Blaisdell City Management Award — Michael Howard 14 Michael Howard moved to Weatherford in 2009 from his hometown of Grand Prairie along with his wife, a Weatherford native. Two years after the move, he applied to work as a First Monday groundskeeper and has since worked his way up the ranks of city employment. “The position was for one weekend a month, and through hard work and education, I kept on receiving promotions,” Howard said. He was promoted to First Monday Coordinator and then to Special Events Coordinator. His goal as a city employee is for the community to enjoy great family time in their hometown and to make memories that will last a lifetime. “The most rewarding [part] of my job is seeing the smiles on people’s faces during my events,” he said. “It’s like all the hard work and effort you’ve put in has paid off. It’s why we do what we do at the city; making happy family memories in a great town is what it’s all about.”